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Early fact checking of Trump's acceptance speech indicates he may becoming less dishonest. Although in some cases he engaged in cherry picking the data, something all politicians are guilty of doing.

Overall his speech was more a denunciation of what he and the right consider Obama's disastrous eight years and how Clinton would be a continuation of the same. He painted the bleakest picture he possibly could of America's present economic and social condition and how he, and presumably he alone can fix all the ills and dangers currently facing our nation.

What most of America wants to hear is just how, specifically how, Trump plans to fix all the problems all Americans are facing. Thursday evening we heard none of that. It is likely we will continue to hear talking points and hyperbole but the specifics will likely remain buried somewhere in a deep dark corner of Trump's mind.

Fact Check Summary:

A) Rising homicides -- Half True

B) New immigrant families -- Half True

C) The plight of poverty -- Half True

D) (More) Americans are on food stamps -- True

E) Trade and job loss -- Half True

F) Trade deficit in goods -- True

G) Fighting illegal immigration -- Mostly True

H) Did Hillary Clinton create ISIS? -- Mostly False

I) Screening refugees -- Half True

J) Comparing tax plans -- Mostly True

K) The U.S. tax code to other countries’ - high tax rates make America less competitive -- Mostly False

L) Clinton on the Second Amendment -- False

M) Household incomes -- Mostly True

N)Church and state -- True

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Talking with many people this morning, most of who are members of the over 65 set, the general felling is it was a speech of in which no real direction was given while Trump took the nationb on a walk through the dark side.

To crib Governor Scott Walker, America Deserves Better.


  1. Yes, if he's lying most of the time, that's an improvement, but I expect him to lie. What gets me is the rabid and fully delusional beliefs that fire up his supporters. I've never been a real Hillary fan, but the campaign to make her a murderer and a liar and a friend to terrorists is a worn out rehash of the GOP campaign playbook since Bill first ran for president. It's just a bit more off the wall, but it's really successful in bringing out the crazies. People don't ask questions any more. They just know things.

  2. Sadly you are right Captain. It is without a doubt the crazies no longer ask questions or think for themselves. Rather than using the grey matter they listen to the so called leaders of their political ideology and the rightwing media. The continual loop(s) of highly biased commentary has viewers in a stupor. Talk radio is as guilty as Tee Vee.

    Voter apathy is also a large part of the problem. Without educating oneself on the issues folks fall prey to hyperbole and demagogues like Trump.

    Frankly I don't particularly like or trust HRC, but having said that if I had to trust my grandchildren's future to her or Trump I would kick Trump to the curb.

    I continue to await another leader with a vision and a credible plan to make America a Greater Nation.

  3. Trump is nothing more than the inevitable candidate of the Repubican party faithful's incoherence. Rome is burning, Les and only thinking people see what's coming should this guy win.

    Johnson/Weld 2016 is the only option I see now.

  4. While Johnson/Weld would interest me if he had a chance of winning but we both know he doesn't. With Drumpf now a possibility of becoming the next president, and that being the disaster to out civil liberties and the nation, tossing away my vote on one who can't win is too big of a risk. Now, if Drumpf is down 10% in national polling I'll cast a protest vote for Johnson.

    Trump is a megalomaniac and a demagogue as well a a liat. We must not let him anywhere near te Oval Office.

    1. I imagine millions are having the same conversation across the country right now

  5. "Only I can fix this," trumpets the Trumpster. The darkest and ugliest portrait of America versus the shining Fuhrer on a white stallion ... this is the contrast and the game plan. It has appeal to angry voters but it is pure demagoguery. Unfortunately, voters are too angry to properly vet the respective candidates, so their vote will not be about validating their choices but about validating themselves. That's why you can't argue with a Trump supporter.

  6. Anger at our ineffective congress is certainly justified (O)CT(O)PUS. How that anger is being directed, against HRC and Obama, and how it has manifested itself in the person of Donald J. Trump the demagogue, is most troubling. None of this bodes well for or democratic republic, or, representative democracy if you prefer.

  7. How do you arrive at you assessment of K. Why do companies move to other countries, why does Apple keep so many billions off shore. There is only one answer and that is tax rate.
    Legs, Trump is a blowhard but after so many decades of professional politicians sticking it to the American people why not try something different. We don't know what we get with Trump where we do know what we get with -H-, another four years of fighting and serving the special interest for which the democratic party stands for, the party of special interest.


    1. As always seems to be the case with you scudrunner you only present part of the truth arguments. Now, the necessary clarification... U.S. companies face the highest official corporate tax rate in the world. But there's a big difference between the rates set out by law and the cash that's actually collected.

      The whole and actual truth is always best skudrunner.

  8. Sorry, Skud. I've seen this argument many times before.

    You want us to go from professional politicians sticking it to the American people to a bellicose blowhard who wants to ship millions and millions of people out of this country in boxcars...

    I'll stick with the devil we know, thanks.

    "another four years of fighting and serving the special interest for which the democratic party stands for, the party of special interest."

    Are you that blind? For years I thought both parties served the special interests (Dems more than GOP). Even when I preferred the GOP strongly.

  9. I've so tired of the BS meme that the dems serve the special interest more than republicans. The truth is that the opposite now exits. Start with Citizens United and work back from there. The search may be difficult but it will be enlightening and rewarding.

    1. Actually I think that at this point the Republicans serve the special interests perhaps worse than the Democrats. That was a concluding sentence that I forgot to add.

      I used to think that the Democrats were worse on this. Emphasis on past tense.

  10. RN, so Trump didn't lie as much as he normally does.

    That's not very reassuring.

    I am not psyched out about this election. I'm just fearful.

  11. Politicians lie, it is who they are. Can you imagine what would happen if they told the truth. We are going to pass a massive bill without reading it. It will increase costs for the vast majority of Americans and will help few. How would that truth go over.

    Les, Assuming you are correct why does Apple and most of the lrgest corporations in this country keep massive amounts of their cash off shore. Maybe so they don't have to pay taxes on it. What business does pay the official rate. I am sure you know the answer to that but just in case, small business. In case you have never owned one, try it and become enlightened how much time you spend maneuvering through the massive government, state, local and federal, bureaucracy.

    1. Large corporations keep money offshore yo avoid paying taxes yes. Zero tax on massive amounts of money is better for them than 12.6% yes?

      Whatever happened to corporate responsibility? Guess it doesn't matter anymore. Only the bottom line as exec. salaries and perks fo.

      I managed a 25-35 million dollar (annual gross) manufacturing business so I'm familiar with regs and the PIA they can be.

      My parents owned and operated a small family business for years. They never pissed and moaned, they figured out how to be profitable, employee 3-5 people, and retire happy. So, I have an inkling therr as well.

      Nothing is free skudrunner and corporations have responsibility regardless if they think they don't.

      A return to Clinton era taxes, overturning Citizens United, and getting rid of all lobbyists would be a step back toward sanity and preserving our democratic republic.

    2. I'm not sure how you get rid of the lobbyists. Do you have an example of the country that has done this successfully?

    3. Nope. You're right dmarks, it would be damn near impossible to split up the corruption that the has fallen over the country due to the cozy marriage of government and corporations.

      BTW, both parties are guilty.

  12. That was on the obama agenda but he got sidetracked taking down the middle class.
    Maybe this election we can actually have change but there are many who prefer the status quo. We bitch about our corrupt politicians yet we keep electing tham.
    Is it that in fact we do not want change?

  13. Nice try skudrunner but no cigar.

    Many indeed want change and it is relatively certain the Sanders' revolution will continue going forward. True democratic change that gives the people more power and corporations less will not come from either Drumpf or HRC. So you'll have to wait until 2020 or 2024.

    The change you apparently want skudrunner is a change towards the type or nationalism that Mussolini brought to Italy. I am of course assuming you want Drumpf for President. If I'm in error my apology.

    The last thing this country needs is a divisive, narcissistic demagogue and megalomaniac as president. Rationally thinking people understand this and are willing to wait until a true man or woman of the people surfaces. In the meantime they will work to see to it Drumpf gets nowhere near the levers of power.

  14. Les, You are being silly. The progressive movement is about total government control over our lives. Instead of saying anything about providing opportunity they talk about providing more "entitlements". It has always been a thorn that the political elite have put SS and Medicare into the entitlement folder.
    -H- is four more years of special interests form of governing because she will continue the obama agenda.
    Before dmarks gets his pants in a wad let me ask, what was the last action taken by the current administration that benefited the middle class?

    1. So tell us, Skud, how do Republican efforts to ban gay marriage... a top party priority... help middle class families ?

      Or House Republican efforts to give pay raises to millionaire government employees? Like that helps the middle class!

      Do you ever think beyond EIB bumper sticker speech, Skud?

  15. Another nice try skudrunner. I acknowledge you have effectively stated your opinion.

    This post was about Trump and his rather boring and only 1/2 truthful speechifying last Thursday. So if you have something of substance that refutes (or supports) the items listed (fact check) please post away.

    The tactic you continually use here (and elsewhere) is common with the righwing, change the subject with the intent being to derail the comment thread. Ain't gonna work here. But I'm sure you know of a couple willing rightwing sites that encourage it and freely allow it.


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