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In America, the nation whose constitution assures the right of every citizen to worship the God she or he pleases, we now have a candidate for president who is running to ... “show this country the face of the God that we serve.” < According to Sen. Ted Cruz’s wife Heidi.

Rafael Cruz, the senator's father made a similar statement a month ago saying his son is running for president in order to “share the love of Jesus Christ” with “every person in America of every race, color and creed.

These statements in and of themselves should cause considerable concern in anyone and everyone who values their religious freedom and the secular government our Founding Fathers left to us. However there is yet more. Rafael Cruz has also said that the "presence of the Holy Spirit" convinced his son to run for president. Essentially implying his son was chosen by God to run for president.

I wonder if the Christian God is to be Cruz's chief advisor in all things should he win the presidency. Maybe it's just me but a Cruz Presidency, or even more frightening a seat on The Supreme Court, are the last thing this nation needs. If it values its heritage.

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    1. In secular government. He has a central role in church government. I'm good with that.

      It's too bad Ted didn't follow in his father's footsteps.

  2. I think what we're actually seeing now is a decline in religion in America, and the frightened reaction from the religious. And the decline we're seeing is the reaction to the rise of the religious right. Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. Need I say more? But this reaction from the religious right can be dangerous. If a cultural revolution is really afoot, we have to be care the religious right doesn't co-opt it, as it has many times throughout history around the world. They are a bad, dangerous bunch.


  3. Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders - perhaps I should clarify - they would be examples of the weakening of the political religious right.


    1. I thought that might have been what you meant.

      As you indicated a fanatical religious minority can be dangerous.

    2. And it's a very large minority. And as religion weakens, we're seeing less moderate religion and agnosticism and more conservative religion and atheism. It is polarizing apart and the middle is fading. But it will be generations before this plays out and who knows if some new belief system may come along. In the meantime, the reaction of an evangelical and apocalyptic Christianity to it's own demise will only be more severe in the future unless the leaders of that movement decide to knock it off.


    3. I'm an atheist. I don't care what the f*ck anyone peacefully chooses to believe, just keep out of my personsl affairs and I'll stay out of yours.


    4. I consider myself a Christian, but on the Left. The Religious Right is an oxymoron, IMO. Bernie Sanders considers himself culturally Jewish, I believe (and not that religiously Jewish). Not that it would make any difference to me either way. He is the right person for the job, and that is all I care about. His religion is his own business.

      As for Trump, he might be religious, but I think it's mostly a put-on intended to dupe idiots into voting for him.

  4. Ted makes the donald look sane
    Sad that we don't have a candidate from either party who represents all citizens not just the special interest.
    The left is competing on who can give the most away and the right is competing who can be the most annoying.

    Still looking for a candidate that is socially liberal, believes people should live their own live and pay their own, except for the small number who are unable.

    Cayman's look better every day.


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