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Since Bruce Jenner's transformation into Caitlyn Jenner she has been in the news or talk shows daily. Like many folks i'm sure, I am, and have been totally indifferent to the chatter over her transformation. I admit to not understanding her decision, How could or would I? There is no desire in fact to understand her decision, it does not affect me or my loved ones in any way whatsoever. Neither does it affect broader society in any appreciable way whatsoever, unless you choose to let it. What is important in my view is to simply accept that Caitlyn made the decision that was right for her, for me that is the end of the story.

Apparently there are some who feel differently. Those who believe Caitlyn for some reason should not be accepted for who she is. Maybe it is because of loyalty to biblical verse, or perhaps out of fear that society will be forever changed. Or in the case of El Rushbo apparently it it political, an opportunity to once again to attempt to define the GOP as the intolerant judgmental party that Limbaugh prefers it to be.

Conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh thinks Republicans should reject Caitlyn Jenner, even if she agrees with them politically.

Limbaugh said on his radio show Tuesday that liberals are trying to “redefine normalcy” in an effort to stigmatize conservatives and that conservatives shouldn’t agree to their terms by accepting Caitlyn Jenner as a woman.

He likewise dismissed a conservative blog that wrote that Republicans should embrace Jenner as one of their own to seem more humane, saying that doing so would constitute falling into a liberal trap.

Under this system, “conservatives and Republicans are the new weirdos, the new kooks,” the pundit said, “and that is part of the political objective here in normalizing all of this really marginal behavior. I mean, if less than 1 percent of the population is engaging in it, it’s marginalized behavior. It isn’t normal, no matter how you define it.

“We should not be celebrating this, we should not be lionizing this, we should not be encouraging this. These people have a very serious problem, and they need treatment,” he said. “They need help, not encouragement.
Hey Rusbo, since when has simply accepting situations that harm no one encouraging the situation? Caitlyn's decision is a highly personal one (as it would be with anyone making the same decision) and affects only her and her family, a family that has as far as we know understands and has accepted her decision.

“This fits everything the media wants to do in terms of turning the culture upside down, redefining what ‘normal’ is, getting revenge against the majority for all of these decades of discrimination and mockery and disapproval and all these religious fanatics judging other people simply because of, quote, ‘who they love,’

It is impossible for those of us who know Caitlyn's transformation, while significant for her, is really just a minor news event in the broader picture of important issues. Via: Memeorandum Via: POLITICO


  1. Even sexual issues have become politicized. According to FoxNews, the child molesters, Duggar of
    '19 and Counting, and Dennis Hastert, have been targeted by 'liberals', but forgiven and accepted by
    religious conservatives. As for Jenner, I suspect publicity and $$ are at play in the current media
    frenzy over the bizarre. I knew a kid through grade and HS who was a girl one year, a boy the next,
    a girl for a couple of years...and he/she shunned the limelight and barely survived a miserable childhood.

  2. You are 100% accurate BB... I guess it depends on who is offended, or doing the offending.

    These three case are all over the map, and it will be interesting to see where writ large, the GOP candidates come down.

    Some advisors have openly told their people to just not get dragged into a discussion on these issues because it will end badly. Candidates for the GOP nomination are between a rock and a hard place.

    Appear to accept the LGBT crowd and they will lose the base. GO with the base, and they lose the young crowd. Not sure how they handle this.

  3. I agree with Rush that "conservatives and Republicans are the new weirdos, the new kooks". It's only going to get worse for them as the majority of Americans become more accepting. Or acknowledge that it's none of their damn business how someone else lives their lives (Les' point). Although, even if more Republican voters change their attitudes (along with all of America), they will still have the problem with the base (and the fact that it's the base that votes in primaries, so Repub candidates are forced to pander to them). This is very good for the Left, which does not have this problem.

    The Libertarians might argue that they also do not have this problem, but the Libertarian Republican Randal Paul is running for the GOP nomination, so he has the same base problem. Although Randal is against "redefining marriage". Which is not very Libertarian. Nor is his support for "fetal person hood" (or fertilized egg person hood).

  4. Really, is the post about Rand Paul? Has he weighed in on Caitlyn Jenner? Why bring Rand Paul into the discussion? Have I missed his statements on the subject?

    In as much as you have great disdain for Rand holding your anti Rand commentary until such time as he is the subject of the post would be appreciated. As well as advised.


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