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Senator Rand Paul, standing his ground was able to deliver on his promise to prevent reauthorization of parts of the Patriot Act, in doing so a small victory for civil liberties was achieved. Next step, to get the so called Freedom Act (ever notice how when the government wants to be more intrusive it seems to call it patriotic, security, and freedom?) amended so it is more respectful of our liberties and rights.

The follow nine amendments are one Senators Ron Wyden and Rand Paul have released and want to see voted on on the senate floor. These amendments improve the Freedom Act by insuring civil liberties are belter protected, something we all should applaud.

· Amendment 1446: Require the government to get a warrant before collecting personal information from third parties

· Amendment 1441: Raise the standard for government collection of call records under FISA from “reasonable grounds” to “probable cause”

· Amendment 1442: Limit the government’s ability to use information gathered under intelligence authorities in unrelated criminal cases

· Amendment 1443: Make it easier to challenge the use of illegally obtained surveillance information in criminal proceedings

· Amendment 1454: Prohibit the government from requiring hardware and software companies to deliberately weaken encryption and other security features

· Amendment 1444: Clarify the bill’s definition of “specific selection terms”

· Amendment 1445: Require court approval for National Security Letters

· Amendment 1455: Prohibit the government from conducting warrantless reviews of Americans’ email and other communications under section 702 of the Foreign intelligence Surveillance Act

· Amendment 1460: Strengthen the bill with additional provisions from previously introduced surveillance reform legislation.

Of course the neocon base of the republican senate, led by Majority Leader and neocon Mitch McConnell are decided to not negotiate with Raul and Wyden as they view the duo's patriotic efforts to protect the civil liberties of all to be "grandstanding. Read the full Bloomberg article here.

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  1. If you listen to Mitch McConnell, today was a dark day for America. I just heard on the news that he quoted the AP on the Senate floor, stating that this was a "resounding victory for Edward Snowden". It is also "a resounding victory for those who plot against America", he added. Geez, what a fool. I'd be surprised if McConnell allows a vote on those amendments.

  2. Mitch (the bitch) McConnell is a dunderhead and yes, i'll be quite surprised if he allows a vote as well.

  3. "(7ever notice how when the government wants to be more intrusive it seems to call it patriotic, security, and freedom?)"

    I first noticed this with Russia during the Cold War days. It seems to have taken off in the U.S. after 9/11 with Homeland Security (which does not provide security) and the Patriot Act (full of unpatriotic laws), and has continued under Obama.

  4. Rep. Peter King, in a tweet.....compared Paul to ISIS and Snowden. Stay classy GOP.

  5. Well said, Dervish Sanders.


    Peter King is probably the most pro terrorist member of Congress.

    ... which makes ISIS comparisons more apt for King than for Paul, if they are at all.

  6. We have to get behind Paul and Wyden on this issue. We have to. I'm no reactionary anti-government sorta guy, as you all well know, but when it comes to this sort of stuff? There are large elements of the Right and Left and Center and whatever who are with us on this. Get the conservative bloggers, Tea Party folks, people like that on board, and McConnell may win this battle, but he's lose the war, and this is a real fight for our liberty here folks. This ain't about no t-shirt or an offensive bumper sticker or a gun that holds fifteen rounds as opposed to twenty, this is about the potential for a totalitarianism in our country.


    1. As you well know I am most assuredly no big government pro state type of guy but you are absolutely right. All folks who value liberty less the bullshit*t need to get solidly behind Rand and Wyden. There are just some things to goddamn important not to unite and put differences aside.

      Well said Jersey.

  7. And... very well said, JMJ. I have nothing to add but support for that statement.


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