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The old adage be carful what you wish for certainly comes to mind with this one.

THE HILL - Republicans in Congress are worried the Supreme Court will hand them a major headache this month if it rules against the federal health insurance exchanges in more than 30 states, ending subsidies for millions of people.

While the Affordable Care Act remains broadly unpopular, two new polls show a majority of Americans don’t want to do away with its subsidies, a core component of the law.

This poses a conundrum for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio). They are under pressure from colleagues up for reelection in swing states and districts to extend the subsidies, at least temporarily, if the court strikes them down. But doing so would risk a backlash from the conservative base.

The Supreme Court is expected to hand down its decision in King v. Burwell, which could strip 6.4 million people of health insurance subsidies, in late June.

States that would be hardest hit by a ruling against the law include the Senate battlegrounds of Illinois, North Carolina, Ohio and Wisconsin.

“The politics of the King vs. Burwell case are extremely treacherous and tricky for Republicans because if the subsidies are thrown out by the court, Republicans are in the position of having to create a fix that would be seen as a problem by their most conservative supporters,” said John Ullyot, a GOP strategist and former senior Senate aide.

A new Washington Post/ABC News poll found that a majority of the public, 55 percent, does not want the court to block federal subsidies for people in states that have not set up their own exchanges. Only 38 percent said they wanted the subsidies ended.

“It does create a political problem for the GOP because there could be millions of people who got health insurance as a result of ObamaCare who lose it,” said Darrell West, director of governance studies at the Brookings Institution.

“There’s a chance Republicans will get more of the blame because they’re in control of the House and Senate. Unless they can produce legislation, the blame will rest in their corner.”

Democrats feel confident that Republicans will be on the losing end if the court strikes down the subsidies. While congressional Republicans have publicly discussed five plans to respond to the ruling, President Obama and Democrats have not unveiled anything.

“It’s a problem for all the people affected by the loss of the subsidies and it’s a problem for Republicans. The potential solution, as the president said, is a very easy and simple one,” said a senior Democratic aide.

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  1. All of this over a few words the GOP refused to fix. Basically the ACA is working. Yes some folks got short shrift, but many more got coverage. Millions more.

    The big question will be the GOP response if the SCOTUS rules in their favor.

    People under 25 no longer elegible to be part of their parents policy.

    Preexisting conditions as a block to insurance returning.

    Well and preventative care no longer a requirement.

    And the GOP, with a reflexive bias against anything federal will be loath do present any national plan.

    It will be interesting.

    1. Yes Dave and I happen to be one who was short shrifted, there are more than a few. Make too much for the subsidy and can't afford the 400 a month for a plan with a 5000 deductible. So I wing it for two more years.

      But yeah there was by far more helped than not. Our national priorities need reordering.

    2. Here on Nevada, 66% of our insured are now covered. Our GOP Gov wasted no time in trying to make this work for us. And in his state of the state, he praised Obamacare.

      But then he also pushed for more taxes to fund education, including vouchers.

      He's a throwback... A reasonable GOP leader.

  2. If millions lose their healthcare to this, and the GOP chooses not to fix a word or two to make it right, and Clinton and he Dems win big in '16 and the next couple elections, we may finally wind up with a modern, civilized, world-class universal healthcare system. I'm guessing somewhere along the Swiss model.

    Voters are only going to put up with today's ugly conservatism for so long.


    1. That would be a positive outcome if it happens, JMJ. And it would be a welcome outcome in my opinion. Although it will be rough for many people in the meantime... which would not be positive at all. Will the GOP decide to punish a large number of Americans to such an extent that it will sway a huge number of them to not vote Repub? It is almost hard to believe that they would do something so stupid.


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