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Koch Brothers Waltzing With Scott Walker...

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Charles G. and David H. Koch, the influential and big-spending conservative donors, have a favorite in the race for the Republican nomination: Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin.

On Monday, at a fund-raising event in Manhattan for the New York State Republican Party, David Koch told donors that he and his brother, who oversee one of the biggest private political organizations in the country, believed that Mr. Walker was the Republican Party’s best hope for recapturing the White House.

“We will support whoever the candidate is,” said Mr. Koch, according to two people who attended the event. “But it should be Scott Walker.”

It comes as no surprise really, but now we know for absolute certain that Koch central has bought Walker. Isn't comforting to know that a potential President is firmly in the back pocket of billionaires. If that thought does not cause wholesale consternation within the American electorate we are indeed well on the way to Oligarchy and a neo feudalism that would no doubt have the founders spinning in their graves were that possible.

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For a reference point for all you supposed libertarian and free market folks here is what Ayn Rand said about this.


“Lobbying” is the activity of attempting to influence legislation by privately influencing the legislators. It is the result and creation of a mixed economy—of government by pressure groups. Its methods range from mere social courtesies and cocktail-party or luncheon “friendships” to favors, threats, bribes, blackmail.

Yes sir, it is time to get the damn corrupting money out of our political and governmental system. For those on the right bitching about the corrupting influence of money from the left I say absolutely; it's time to plug the pipelines from everywhere and from all sources.

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  1. "A new Marquette Law School Poll finds Gov. Scott Walker’s job approval rating has fallen to 41 percent, with 56 percent of registered voters in Wisconsin saying they disapprove of how he is handling his job as governor. In the previous poll, in October 2014, Walker’s approval among registered voters was 49 percent, with 47 percent disapproving.
    To look ahead to a possible 2016 presidential matchup, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton leads Walker in Wisconsin, 52 percent to 40 percent" Walker will need all the $$$$ Kochs can throw in.

  2. The most interesting thing in all of this is the following number... 900 million bucks.

    That's what two people [the Koch's] have said they will pay to elect Walker... isn't there something wrong in a world where it is claimed to be democratic when two people from the same family, can literally spend almost a billion dollars to get the president of their choice?

    Why do any of us even bother?

  3. I suppose the Koch bros. would argue they are just giving the candidate they believe is most qualified an edge by the exposure they can buy etc. Then the electorate votes and thus democracy at work.

    Of course we know it is not democracy it is
    government for the highest bidder(s). Special interests and mega wealth controls the agenda(s).

    We bother because it is right. And we must.

  4. The Richest Americans Who Gave 42 Percent of Political Donations in 2012:

    Forget the top one percent, the top 0.01 percent of Americans gave nearly 42 percent of all political donation dollars in the 2012 election cycle. Just over 30,000 individuals contributed nearly half of all money. It is no coincidence that this proportion has increased steadily as economic inequality has increased. In 1990 when I was born, the figure was just under 13 percent.

    No doubt, this alarming rise in political patronage from America’s wealthiest donors is due in no small measure to the influence of Citizens United.”

    Notwithstanding this shocking statistic, what concerns me more is the tribal polarization of voters. No matter how much public awareness we bring to bear, there will always be a large block of voters who will vote their partisan identity no matter what - even if it means cutting their own throats.

    If the Koch-Suckers prevail next year, I believe it will mean the end of democracy in America, and the rise of an ugly neo-fascism with disastrous consequences.

  5. The best way to show that what the Koch Bros. are doing is wrong is to vote for the Democrat. Make them lose their $900 million.

  6. You may be right Jerry but; I will not vote for someone just to be voting against someone. Unless a strong truly principled democrat emerges I'll likely vote third party again.

    There is a way to fix this problem, but the will to do so is sorely lacking.

  7. You fail to mention the hollywood elite, soros, wall street all all in the democrat camp. hillary has a two billion dollar war chest. I doubt if she got that from ma and pa in moline.

    Citizens United is one group of many including move so it plays to both parties trying their best to corrupt for their own gain.

  8. For those on the right bitching about the corrupting influence of money from the left I say absolutely; it's time to plug the pipelines from everywhere and from all sources.

    As usual skud old boy you failed to read the full post. Yuppers, there it is. Go ahead, you can do it; take the time to read the above, Then get back to me.

  9. And how do you plug the hole? If I remember correctly there were two candidates who were going to limit it but one of them lied, can't remember the specifics.

    Not sure what I didn't read, BANNER "Koch Brothers Waltzing With Scott Walker"
    Seems like an attack on the right, which is to be expected. Maybe the Koch Brothers will see an ROI next year because they sure didn't in the last election.

    1. Scud: “hillary has a two billion dollar war chest. I doubt if she got that from ma and pa in moline.

      When Hillary announced her candidacy, her campaign announced a fund raising goal of $2 billion. It appears you jumped ahead with an illogical assertion: A fundraising goal does not mean the same as money in the bank.

      You do know the difference, don’t you? The difference between “planned” versus “actual;” the difference between “hypothetical” versus “factual.”

      Hells bells, even a monkey knows the difference: A banana in the bush is not the same as a banana in hand.

      Your grasp of simple concepts doesn’t even rise to simian standards.

  10. Legs I am sure glad you clarified that, after all I am just another slow Southerner you know.
    Let me see if I get this right. Hellary is going to play the average citizen and attempts to raise two billion so she can help the middle class.
    I am sure there are many foreign country's who will make sure she obtains her goals, after all with the clintons, everything is for sale.
    I understand how the elitists hate the South but to pick on a poor monkey is shameful.

    1. "[Hillary] is going to play the average citizen and attempts to raise two billion so she can help the middle class."

      So Skud, how are the republicans going to help the middle class? By giving more tax cuts to the wealthy?

  11. Thanks for clarifying beyond a reasonable doubt (in your own words) that (O)TO(O)PUS is indeed right.

  12. Scud: "Hellary is going to play the average citizen and attempts to raise two billion so she can help the middle class."

    Her proper name is Hillary.

    A chunk of that $2 billion will likely come from small donations by average citizens. Has the Scud-with-a-grudge ever made a private donation to anything? Like a political candidate? Or a charity? Or are all blokes of different strokes automatically regarded as a foreign entity?

    You see, Scud, these are examples of sarcasm and sneer and jeer that turn offensive ... and why I treat Southern monkeys as red-ass baboons.

  13. JC, I will admit that under democrat rule for six plus years the middle class has done so well, just kidding. Could the republicans do better, don't have an answer to that until is is tried.
    As to tax cuts for the wealthy, that seems to be very overplayed. What the top pay 80% of all taxes it is difficult to support that they are under taxed. Where is the comprehensive tax reform both sides preach. By wealthy I asuume you mean the leftist entertainment crowd and the ones who have dinner with obama at 30K a plate.

    Legs, my proper name is Skudrunner,

    I prefer to give to local charities and do work for Habitat when I have time. As to giving to a politician, never have and doubt I ever will.

    1. Dudthunder: "Legs, my proper name is Skudrunner ..."

      My proper name is (O)CT(O)PUS, master of ink and camouflage and cephalopod extraordinaire, whose progeny shall inherit the Earth long after your kind have left it unfit for human habitation.

      I shall send a donation to Hillary's campaign on your behalf - signed "scudrunner."

    2. Hey! If we all sent a donation in the name of skudrunner, perhaps he would get invited to a meet and greet.


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