Thursday, September 11, 2014

Articles of Substance With Respect to the President's Speech on ISIL/ISIS...

by: Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA
Purveyor of Truth

Following are links to articles and people who, unlike Ms. Palin actually have credibility.

Obama's Speech on ISIS, in Plain English

In Fight Against ISIL, Obama Finds Himself Facing Michael Corleone's Dilemma

The Grand Strategy Obama Needs

Obama’s Coalition of the Willing and Unable

Thoughts on any or all are encouraged and appreciated.


  1. Off topic....dude....typing with a belly full of beer.....I DO not attempt to be cohernet....or even spellingly correct...but I rwead yousew be banned from Free Thinke.....ana makes youse a more likeable sort in my estimation. the guys poems sucked as much as his attempts to make coherent political assesments. ohohoh...rye whistkey blends well wit beer.

  2. Yep, the cantankerous stick in the mud done up and told me to get out straight away. Sooo...always happy to oblige the old coot I scrubbed my comments on the front page snd left my party thoughts.

    Don't wish the feller any ill wind but when I up and left I noticed a fresh breeze and the stinke was gone.

    Figure that one eh?

  3. Never saw much free thinking at Free Thinker anyway.

  4. Yeah BB Idaho, mostly his political commentary was pretty much the boilerplate he claimed to despise. Guess it depends on the boilerplate for "FreeThinke."

    Sometimes I wasn't sure if he was preacher or the choir. I suppose he is both, depending on the circumstances.

  5. The reference to Obama’s “Michael Corleone Dilemma” caught my attention. It also reminds me of this Winston Churchill quote: “It is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma …

    If getting out of the family business is analogous to the USA getting to Iraq, Obama is certainly dealing with a dilemma. Yet, I think the Winston Churchill quotation is more apt. This time around, there are dilemmas and riddles and mysteries, and the enigma is multi-layered.

    A war-weary American public wants to disengage from Iraq; the rising threat of ISIS tugs in the opposite direction.

    Is ISIS the existential threat as claimed by our defense and foreign affairs establishment? No doubt, the American public will prefer to vet all claims – having been burned by past fear mongering and false declarations of WMDs that never materialized.

    Obama claims there will be “no boots on the ground” – reassuring words when your intended audience is a war weary American public. Suppose, however, your intended audience is the enemy? Do you really want to say “no boots on the ground” when what you really should say is “all options are open.”

    There is the layer of hyper-partisanship and the voices of nullification that blame Obama for anything and everything – for doing too little, for doing too much, for waking up in the morning, for turning right or turning left on camera.

    Is Obama’s Grand Strategy of the “willing and unable” a realistic one, or merely the best available compromise given a bad set of options?

  6. I never could quite figure the Stinke out... libertarian but hardline theocrat??? Dude that doesn't go together.

  7. "FreeThinke" not being the subject matter of the post I will respond only briefly and be done with it... He is not a libertarian. He is of the authoritarian tyrannical mindset that can tolerate views not in accord with his own only briefly. In short a hypocrite.

  8. Jim: Sometimes some people make more sense drunk than others do sober.

    Les: I understand now. Perhaps when first read FreeThinke's comments a long time ago, it might have been a few of his comments at the time which coincided with libertarian views. These set my impression of him.... apparently a false one.

  9. (An aside without intending to veer off topic: Let's just say, all Octo-Inke meant to clear the air of FeetStinke was intended as a form of intervention.)

    1. A choice of Free Thinke, or free ink.... it appears?

    2. A choice of FeetStinke or FreeInke? Octo is in a bipartisan mood today: Commonly shared values, the ties that bind, E pluribus unum, "United we stand," and all that jazz. Better than butting heads, don't you think?

  10. The above may not be an article of substance, but it is amusing.


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