Wednesday, August 29, 2012

While Tweedle Dum and His Convention Blows Smoke...

by: Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA
Liberty -vs- Tyranny

With the major media outlets focused on their indoctrination news, both the liberal biased and conservative biased networks are thus engaged, I find it necessary to turn to sensible activities and focusing on the important matters that both of the major political parties haven't time for. They are too busy focusing on your pocketbook or your personal lives to be bothered or care.

The army of support for fiscal responsibility, Constitutional governance and liberty is growing daily. Ron Paul started the Revolution and Gary Johnson with your advocacy and support will finish it.

Support liberty! Vote Gary Johnson for President.


  1. Fox is a biased network, no question (especially when Insanity's on) but have you caught a glimpse of what they're doing over at MSNBC? I mean, my God, Mr. Obama ought to be paying them.......Oh, wait a minute, he is (General Electric profiting handsomely off of his policies, etc.).

    1. Naw, watching movies with the wife. It's all boilerplate crap from both sides anyway, no substance... gets EXTREMELY boring.

      Both major parties are lying sacks of animal dung. I've no time for the convention(s).

    2. Have to agree with you on lying sacks of animal dung and also agree the winds of change have started to blow heavily in the fiscally responsible, limited, Constitutional, liberty protecting government way. I can't wait for the flash mob voters disappointment to settle in, when they realize that the two parties are just blowing smoke and have no real intention of fixing the mess in Washington. The Ryan Plan is a hoax because it doesn't go nearly far enough or quickly enough to actually change the fiscal ruin this nation is in, but it does sell well to the uninformed. Romney is looking better because of it, but even if it were enacted the country still jumps off the $20T debt cliff in a few years vice a couple with the Joker and his Clowns. The government needs to be put back in their Constitutional box and their budget slashed accordingly.

  2. Les, the Libertarians have one major problem, and it's kept them from winning elections for over a hundred years: "Live Free" means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. There is and naturally has to be some kind of basic standard of life, and as a society grows larger, more interconnected, and more complex, so to does the standards become more complex. Thankfully, we do have a constitutional system to relatively fairly order all this, and it works pretty well.

    I just don't see America as bad off as you guys, and neither do most Americans, and I don't say that because things are wonderful for me right now, and they're not, but because I can take a broad look at all this and see the strengths of the system we have to today are at least string enough to "float the boat of state" so to speak. I think we've been doing that pretty much ever since Carter.

    We've done very well, especially during the twentieth century. The problems we have are resolvable, but if you're going to talk about "freedom" in terms of no social compact whatsoever, you may as well be waking around with a placard of Charles Manson's face.

    And you Libertarians have got to spell out just where you're going with your arguments. Just exactly how would you handle international trade? Do you just not? Of course not. So what exactly is the position? All I get is platitudes about "living free." Look, I'm pretty free. I don't know about you. What exactly do you want to be free to do? Pollute aquifers? Get rid of construction regulations so when some big storm hits, thousands die? What? "It's okay because the market won;t let that happen again"? Really? Where do you guys draw the line?

    You guys have a lot of good ideas. But the lunatic view of government has to go. It's not constitutional, it's cruelly negligent at best, would kill the nation as a whole at worst. The security of the general welfare is a fundamental duty of the government. As later reined in, the government is essentially instructed to recognize where it can take constitutional action by the force of the electorate.

    Some of what you guys call unconstitutional are really not, and there are reasons they remain law that fall within very reasonable, conservative interpretations. That's another reason you guys turn off voters - because most of them understand the value and lawfulness of oddly particular government actions that you dislike. Most people understand that in order to make a better society, we have to work together, via a government, so we can't just reneg on our plans willy nilly when we randomly feel like "living free."

    As for many aspects of Johnson and the Libertarians proposals, it's reaffirming of humanity to see how much we do have in common. We just come from different places to see those same things.

    I sincerely wish Libertarians would make more of an effort to get in with the Democratic party. There must be some Libertarians who are softer on the anti-government stuff and stronger on all the substantive, particular issues at hand. For the life of me, when it comes to how Libertarians see the world, why they lean more toward the GOP and the Conservative movement is beyond me. You have so little in common with them.


    1. I am a Randian Advocate, Rand dismissed the Libertarian movement primarily because Libertarianism, taken to its ultimate conclusion is anarchy. I support the small L libertarianism because it most closely resembles the limited constitutional government, fiscally responsible views, and liberty views I identify with. Closer to Classical Liberalism you might say.

      As you are beginning to see, I carry water for NO party. I carry water for Constitutional Law, fiscal conservatism, social libertarianism, limited responsive rational governance , and Liberty. Sorry jmj your and the rEst of the big time statist lefties of the 21st century just don't interest me. PERIOD.

    2. Just a minor point; I believe if you check the Libertarian party was founded in the early 70's I believe. In the last century, not prior to the last.

  3. I tuned in last night, but actually only to see the architecture style of the stage. Really.

    1. Yeah, Huh? I did watch Condi Rice on rerun. She was worth the watch, articulate, passionate, rational, stirring, and its too bad she doesn't want to run for President. But I certainly understand why.


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