Friday, September 23, 2011

Today's Top Ten Decisions

by: Les Carpenter
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I've decided the following... 1} That being an individual with the desire to achieve things in life based only on my efforts and merit is stupid, 2} that maintaining a strong sense of personal responsibility for my failures as well as my successes is by far too stressful, 3} that the individual is better served when a collective tells him or her what to think and value, 4] it is much better to allow the government to control my money than it is for me to maintain control, 5) that it is by far better to be concerned with the interests of everyone else than it is to be concerned with my own rational self interest, 6] that the concept of liberty is too old fashioned and therefore irrelevant to modern realities, after all... freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose... 7} that objective and rational thinking is much to tedious, emotionalism driven by a heightened sense of altruism should become the new order in America, 8} that reason no longer has a place in modern society, rather mysticism and a belief in the unknowable will provide by far better answers, if we just believe, 9} that the real conceptual meaning of the word minority today is... the smallest mob with the most political pull, 10} That believing in any, or all of the above is confirmation that the individual has ceased to exist and chosen the death of the self.

Anyone other than me see where progressive thought ultimately and logically leads to? Perhaps it is just late. Or perhaps it's just me...

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  1. But Al Gore says the earf will catch fire if I don't buy an electric car and purchase carbon indulgences from him to atone for my enviro sins!

  2. There isn't one single "progressive thought" mentioned in your post. Not one. You simply do not understand progressivism.


  3. A lot of them are, JMJ. Even a quick reading will show this. Do you want examples?

  4. No, dmarks, only in you guys' minds is any of that ridiculous, demagoguic, hyperbolic, clap-trap true.

    The trouble here is you guys live in an all-or-nothing, black-or-white, left-or-right, bichromatic universe that simply doesn't apply to the real world.

    For example: Seeing the need to raise taxes a little to pay some debt does not equate totalitarian communism - you loony.


  5. @JMJ,

    Ugh. Your comments make my back teeth ache.

    To say there isn't a single "progressive thought" on Les' list is ridiculous.

    3, 4, 6, and 9 for examples.

    Specifically, consider #6, "that the concept of liberty is too old fashioned and therefore irrelevant to modern realities, after all... freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose..."

    By definition, progressive means to move past that which is foundational and regarded as "old fashioned". You already have shown us time and again your disdain for the Founders and their laying down the foundations of liberty we Conservatives stand upon each day, by reasoning that the US Constitution is a fluid document, an evolving document, that needs to change to reflect the modern progressive mindset.


    The day will come when your Utopia will be realized and all us Conservatives will be removed from the public forum. Then what will you have? At that time, the real face of progressivism will be revealed and you will be crushed under the totalitarian heel of the heady mix of socialism, fascism, communism, and secularism.

    You will lament and proclaim, "But, but, but, I voted for you! I supported you! I gave you everything! Why are you punishing me?!"

    The masters you put over you will simply smile and chuckle and push you to the side. You were a useful idiot, but when they take power, your worth will be forfeit.

    Time will tell that I am right.

  6. Les,

    Did you know that today is "Constitution Day"?
    Here ya go! Enjoy!

    I particularly like that the word "democracy" does not appear in the US Constitution, but the word "republic" does. Interesting.

  7. ecc,

    If you call "liberty" abusing employees, conning for money, polluting, acting like a lowlife, not paying your fair hare for government services, etc, etc, then we simply have a differnent understanding of liberty.

    You don't have the "liberty" to take advantage of my tax dollars while you dodge the bill. You want to make money without my tax dollars? Go do business in Somalia. Good luck with that.

    As for "democracy" and "republic," how come you cons are such small-d democrats these days? (when it suits you)

    "Party of Lincoln," my @$$.


  8. @JMJ,

    You said:
    "...not paying your fair hare for government services..."

    Hmm. Now, that right there sounds like the freeloading liberal victimized Democrats like yourself, sucking on the teat of a government swine you yourself cannot afford to feed, but instead must look to normal, everyday Americans to keep you fed. Since the majority of you libs are destitute and slackers, you don't need to actually pay taxes to reap the benefits and fruit of my hard work, now do you?

    Victims. Helpless, deluded, and brain-washed victims. But no worries. Some liberal activist, somewhere, will sense this disadvantage and make sure to create a program for you. Oh, wait. There already is a program for you. It's called Socialism. And your President loves it.

    Come on,'re making this way too easy for me to slam you.

  9. ecc,

    I've made a pretty good living in my life, and I've scraped by too.

    I've worked harder than you probably could know, and I've probably had it easier than you as well.

    I've been around.

    I'm just another person.

    Thank God I live in a country with good roads, and schools, and bridges, and cops, and power, and firemen, and parks, and teachers, and water, and libraries, and sewers, and courts, and military, and on and on and on, that give me the opportunities to survive and thrive as an American.

    Thank God people like you haven't destroyed all that.

    I deeply and sincerely hope you fail to destroy America.


  10. @ jmj, you said - "Thank God people like you haven't destroyed all that."

    The only response to that ignorant statement is to shake ones head and almost, notice said almost, feel sorry for your deluded a*s.

  11. @JMJ,

    You need to be given opportunities, which is in line with your liberal victim helpless mindset. (See also: minorities, homosexuals, pro-abortionists, etc)

    As a Conservative, I MAKE my opportunities happen.

    Big difference between you and me.

    But buck up, sparky. Your day will come when all of us evil Conservatives are forced underground. At that time you can tell tales to your weak-minded comrades how you used to school us Conservatives on Rational Nation USA, and we were all in awe of your acumen.



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