Sunday, August 14, 2011

Memorial To My Mother

 Barbara Jean Carpenter
           1934 - 2007

It has been four years since you had to leave Mom. And, it is true that with time the pain of losing a loved one lessens. Yet there is never a day that passes without you entering my thoughts.

I often find myself thinking back to those days, now long past, when your quiet strength, and steady hand were always there helping guide me into adulthood. You lead all your children by example. And by your example we became better people.

It helps to talk to you Mom.  Even though you can't answer I suspect you are out there, somewhere in the vast universe, keeping an eye over us all. I know a part of you resides in me.

I miss you Mom, and I love you.

Your Son

August 14, 2010 is the third year of our beloved mother's passing. Our mother was the pillar of our family's strength. A women who never complained about her troubles and was always there to support us in her own quiet yet reassuring way. She was the ideal of what a mother should be.

She raised us to be our own person, never questioning our desire or need to grow in our own direction. She provided the quiet yet stern guidance we needed when necessary. She never criticized in a way that was hurtful, rather she did so in a way that caused us to question the validity of our thoughts or actions. She showed her love for us in the same quiet, non public way she conducted her entire life. Yet we knew how important we all were to her. In her own quiet way family meant everything to her.
My mother taught me many lessons thoughout my life. Lessons I shall never forget, and many I hope I have passed on to my children. Perhaps the most important of which is; stand for what you believe yet always respect the beliefs of those who may differ with you. Judge others as you would want to be judged, on the facts as you understand them. Which is to say fairly and without malice.

Our Mother was a true Patriot who loved this country and all it stands for. She would be pleased to see the political activism taking place today for she would recognize it as truly the American way. 

I know that while my mother would disagree with some of my positions and statements on this blog...  I also know she would be proud of me for exercising my right as an American citizen, one who loves his country as much as she did , to speak out, stand up, and be heard.

I miss you Mom, I love you, and I shall always carry deep within my soul all that you so freely gave me. As you rest in eternal peace I know that your spirit is with me.

Your Loving Son,



  1. My condolences on the loss of your mother. No matter how long it's been, we'll always miss the ones we love. God bless you.

  2. Thank you for your kind thoughts Gorges. It gets easier, but we never forget, or stop missing the special people who have left our lives.


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