Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Just Wondering Out Loud...

by: Les Carpenter
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I find it amusing the left has recently started calling those who advocate the principles of limited and responsible government "Tea Party Terrorists." The Tea Party may not have all the right answers granted, but they are not terrorists.

I suppose we ought to know by now what to expect from the big spenders, whether they be from the repub or the dem party. As they are really one in the same.

The "Tea Party Terrorists" label so freely used at many liberal/progressive sites amounts to nothing more than political hyperbole. Of the worst and most disingenuous kind I will add.

In thinking about it all I've come up with what I believe to be a more accurate labeling. One that can, and does, apply to many in both parties. Although I'm sure those that it applies to would deny its truth.

                                                           "The Debt Terrorists"

Those are the thoughts of one independent conservative/libertarian. What say you?


  1. I like it!

    The namecalling ain't working anymore. I guess none of their parents read "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" to them when they were kids.

  2. Have we decided to create a third party? Oh, I didn't think so! Its all republicans as far as I can tell!

    I really do like how you lump RINOS, Liberals, and Progressives all in one pot but then you work so hard to divide up Republicans as social conservatives, Tea Party, fiscal conservatives, independent conservatives, neo conservatives, and all the little sub species you can!

  3. I think we need more civility in our politics. Wait, where have I heard that before?

    But seriously, "debt terrorists" just doesn't ring true for me. The real issue is spending and debt caused by spending.

    You know how compassionate liberals like to draw distinctions between the average criminal and someone who, for example, holds up a convenience store for milk and bread for his family? Aren't Tea Partiers who "hold the country hostage" to stop government overspending like the second guy, just trying to do what's right?

  4. A few morons on the Left have taken to using the words "terrorist" and "hostage" and such to describe some activities and people on the Right.

    It is unfortunate and I, as a modern American liberal and progressive man, am ashamed of that behavior.

    Now. That said. Just as many or more on the Right spew the same sort of sleazy, irresponsible rhetorical flames.

    It's adolescent, insipid, nauseating, bad rhetoric, pandering to the lowest common denominator at best, dangerous code-speak at worst.

    And again, just as many or more on the Right spew the same sort of sleazy, irresponsible rhetorical flames.

    We need to treat and talk to each other like adults.


  5. I NEVER thought I'd agree with ANYTHING Jersey McJones would say, but DERN if he isn't right. (For ONCE anyway!)

  6. Jersey,
    You do make a good point, we on the right, need to do a better job policing our own. I do have to ask, does your being ashamed include Biden?

  7. Biden? Eh.

    Yeah, I heard about that recent story of Dems shouting hyperbolic nonsense, but your side says some crazy cr@p too.


  8. HR - I actually considered "The Spending Terrorists" because you are right, spending beyond your means results in debt.

    And logically, as I rethink your point, it is the out of control spending, whatever the spending venue may be, that is the Root Cause of our problem.

    I just thought "The Debt Terrorists" had a certain ring to.

    Perhaps we shall have to find a more descriptive and effective counter to the progressives childish "The Tea Party Terrorists" meme.

    The site is open to suggestions.

    Hey, that gives me an idea. A contest to determine the best counter to the lib's irrationality.

    What say you?

  9. A caller on Limbaugh yesterday suggested "financial pedophiles" since the left is going after our kids and grandkids with their uncontrolled spending. I prefer SPENDING PEDOPHILES.


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