Sunday, June 26, 2011

Progressive Statism Continuing for Another 1 1/2 Years

by: Les Carpenter
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Definitely worth the viewing!

The Obama Legacy

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  1. That is one sleazy little political hitpiece you showed there. Blaming Obama for gas prices or unemployment or the national debt is like blaming the fireman for the fire. Just sleazy, sleazy, sleazy.

    Has Obama been a good fireman? No. Actually, he hasn't. He was not able to get the congress to pass a real "recovery" act, instead of that $900 band-aid.

    He was not able to get the Medicare buy-in, or even get any significant healthcare change for years out.

    He was not able to significantly draw down the military, or rein in the post-Glass-Steagal shenanigans, or even appoint a lousy few judges - or at the very least, putting just one outsider in the Fed or Treasury!

    He failed in several key endeavors, and failed to attempt several as well. Far from being a "statist," he's mostly just floated the boat of state through some very turbulent waters.

    Whether he's done that for better or worse depends on who you ask, but remember, he's just the fireman. The fire those sleazy idiots of the Bush/GOP years is huge, very hard for one fireman to fight, or sometimes even recognize.

    You can blame Obama for not handling all this the way you like, but the disaster was born during the Bush (and late pre-Bush) years, and it was the GOP leading the way. If you want more of those idiots, you're a masochist. I'll take Obama over that. Thank you.


  2. Jersey McJones: It isn't Obama’s fault that the economy crashed, but it IS Obama’s fault that he continued to SPEND and he bailed out banks, etc. It’s Obama’s economy NOW which includes 9+% unemployment. You can’t keep blaming Bush. It’s NOT Bush’s fault that we have $4/gallon gasoline. I will give Obama credit for releasing some of our oil reserve though…let’s just hope it works and the prices drop!

  3. ... "let’s just hope it works and the prices drop!

    Pamela - Not to be the cynic but... It will, just in time for the 2012 campaign. You see it is after all intimately interconnected.

  4. Pamela, Bush and Co bailed out the banks (please, don't tell me you have some serious degenerative nervous system disorder that makes you forget recent history). Not Obama. Bush and Co wrecked the economy. Bush and co set the stage for gas prices through the roof. And businesses are sitting on two trillion dollars in potential investment capital, waiting for Obama to go so they can be assured their sleazy, greedy, cheap, short-sighted, nasty, un-American tax breaks.

    If you want to criticize Obama, then fine. If you want to blame him for the things people you voted for did, then keep your stones to yourself. You certainly can't throw them at Obama.


  5. Pamela and Jersey, you're BOTH right. The Tarp legislation was about as bipartisan as it gets. Yes, perhaps a slight plurality of Republicans in the House voted against it. But whether that vote was a vote of conviction or convenience (i.e., they knew that it was going to pass anyway), who knows!

  6. jmj said:

    "Blaming Obama for gas prices or unemployment or the national debt is like blaming the fireman for the fire. Just sleazy, sleazy, sleazy."

    Ever read Fahrenheit 451? That is the type of fireman he is being like

    Some facts:

    1) Gas prices. Obama (until very recently) has discouraged domestic oil production, and encourages putting high taxes on domestic oil companies that will only be passed to consumers and further discourage oil exploration.

    2) When he took office, Obama ignored the unemployment problem, instead doling out pork to union thugs and putting faith in temporary make-work jobs. All the while insisting on further overtaxing businesses, which prevents them from hiring.

    3) National Debt. Obama has increased the debt by 1/3, and is increasing it three times faster than George W. Bush did. He knowingly and willingly did this. He could have chosen to reduce the debt. Instead he chose to be extremely irresponsible and increase it by a huge amount.


    More corrections for JJ:

    "Pamela, Bush and Co bailed out the banks ... Not Obama."

    Actually, Bush AND Obama approved the bailout. Most Republicans opposed it. Check the votes toward the end of 2008.

    "Bush and co set the stage for gas prices through the roof."

    Actually, the Bush administration pushed for more oil exploration, which would have made prices drop. The Democrats, who want us to import oil instead, opposed it.

    "And businesses are sitting on two trillion dollars in potential investment capital"

    Of course. With Obama threatening new taxes and job-killing regulations, it is stupid of business to risk this capital.

    I won't throw stones at Obama, but I will accurately describe the mess he has made.

  7. Will - Well, all this independent conservative can say is... You're right.


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