Sunday, June 12, 2011

Andrew Breitbart in Newport Beach, California

By the Left Coast Rebel

Last Thursday I took part in Orange County poli-history as chief lamestream press agitator and new media star Andrew Breitbart showed up at the Orange County Golf Course Club to promote his latest book, "Righteous Indignation: Excuse Me While I Save the World!", and fill us in on his Weinergate ventures.

Donald got this shot of himself with Breitbart (I think I took it but could be the Coronas and Rum and Coke talking, though):


And the crown jewel, this shot of me with Andrew Breitbart:


When I approached Andrew I told him that his work was a major inspiration for me and that I look up to him as the ultimate trailblazer in the new media format. I'm sure I came across as a bit of a fanboy but I don't think he minded at all. The guy's intense. What you see on t.v. and viral Youtube videos is what you get in person with Breitbart. He has a look in his eye, an intense laser-like focus -- you can literally see it in his eyes. I've known people as intense as Breitbart in business, he reminds me of several individuals that I got to know that through sheer bravado, dedication, guts, stick-to-it-ness and a little insanity, started from humble roots to build multi-million dollar empires. I'm sure Breitbart is a wealthy man because of his passion for filling a media niche.

It just happens to be that his niche is at least half of the country!

He's a super-talented speaker, lots of comedy, great storyteller, and above all I witnessed Breitbart's fierce advocacy for the voiceless masses of middle America, those that feel that the Leftist-Media-Industrial-Complex is just a deceitful, evil, all-powerful, information-controlling extension of our coercive, destructive Leviathan government. Speaking to us is what Breitbart does and does better than anyone else.


  1. I just can't think of any redeeming value I could attach to Breitbart's work. He's certainly an impressive, if scary, guy. But he only hunts "liberals" and therefore is always off the mark.

    Being bad is being bad and it goes on all over the place all the time and it has no partisan affiliation.

    Breitbart "scored" on this, and so good ol' fashioned Yellow Journalism has once again taken the day. Congrats. We have all these serious issues today, and Breitbart diverts our attention to Weiner's stupid weiner. How civic of him.


  2. Gee JMJ, what a surprising comment. Rational thought seems to stop at the drawbridge to liberal land.

  3. No, Les, Yellow Journalism is still just Yellow Journalism. Andrew Breitbart hasn't engaged a serious issue with a serious argument yet. He fusses over "liberals" whilst the powers that be shape the day. What a waste of time.


  4. JMJ - Wrong, wrong, wrong. Breitbart is a journalist in the traditional muckraker mold. Too many "journalists" today are simply water carriers for the government/crooked pols/far-left agenda. If we had more journalists like Andrew we wouldn't be facing the troubles that we do today. Heck, Obama wouldn't be in the WH, either.

    Words of wisdom lost on a leftist Kool-Aid drinker....

  5. Also, JMJ, it is not that Breitbart, "only" hunts liberals, it is that he hunts down "liberals" like The Wiener that the press coddles and covers for. I have a question for you - do you think there is such a thing as pervasive liberal media bias?


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