Thursday, July 29, 2010

Judge Bolton... Another Judge Cloned BY The ACLU

By: Les Carpenter III
Rational Nation USA

I suppose it was to be expected. Judge Susan R. Bolton, a former President William Jefferson (no resemblance to President Thomas Jefferson) Clinton has struck down key provisions of Arizona's immigration law. Judge Bolton's actions are consistent with the typical disregard the statist has for the will of the people in general, and the rule of law specifically.

What has just occurred is s federal judge thumbing her nose at not only the citizens of the state of Arizona, but at all Americans who in majority support the Arizona law. In fact several states have been considering actions of their own to effectively control illegal immigration to their states. The federal government, by consistently and methodically failing to enforce immigration laws created the reason Arizona acted, and why other states have been considering similar measures.

The ACLU, one of America's most progressive collectivist bodies is solidly behind the efforts to overturn Arizona's perfectly legal SB 1070, the bill that created their new law. What the federal government really is after is just this... Amnesty for all current illegals in the country and a cake walk path to citizenship in the future for all desiring entrance into our country.

If this is not so then someone please explain why nothing has been done going all the way back to the Reagan years to control the onslaught of illegals entering our country. When the question is asked... A defensing silence. Yet  when a Governor with the, excuse the expression, balls to take action and show leadership finally arrives on the scene the response is to handcuff and shackle her efforts.

The very federal government that is "supposed to protect the interests of the federal union" (which by the way was initially entered into voluntarily by all states) is failing miserably. The issue of illegal immigration points this up better than almost any other issue. It is time the citizens of the nation make their voices heard. And it is long past time for the government to take heed. The majority of  legal American citizens support tougher immigration laws. They also support Arizona's new law... The way it was written.

I suppose I am ranting here. However it is about time those who understand that the issue is all about ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION stand up in unison and force their voices to be heard. Arizona's new law has nothing whatsoever to do with racism, racial profiling, abridging a citizens rights, or any other nefarious act. Rather it is about protecting Arizona's right to control it's borders and insure the safety of it's people.

Find Arizona Governor Jan Brewers appearance on Hannity discussing the subject on my Twitter and Facebook pages. Stand tall Governor Brewer. Take the fight to those who would work against securing your your bonders and those of the United States of America. The final judgement is not in. When it is the rights to secure our borders will be vindicated.

The joke of the day is this statement by Hannah August of the Justice Department... "While we understand the frustration of Arizonans with the broken immigration system, a patchwork of state and local policies would seriously disrupt federal immigration enforcement."

This statement says two things. First the fed's (Obama and minions) want to increase further their failed statist agenda, and second, how does one hamper an enforcement policy that has been non existent?

Stay tuned.

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  1. Essentially, the federal government is saying "Don't try to do our job that we have no intention of doing in the first place."

    To be honest, even at full force, I don't think the SB1070 would have a significant direct effect on illegal entry through our southern border. The indirect effect has already been seen, with thousands of illegal aliens leaving in fear. To truly secure the border, we have to have an effective fence and a solid military presence along the border. In addition, we have to treat those who intentionally enter illegally as enemy combatants, and deal with them as harshly as possible. There really is no other effective deterrent.

    Of course, both major parties and a lot of businesses that benefit from cheap labor but are immune to the horrific damage created by illegal aliens have combined in a partnership with the Mexican government to prevent any real action from being taken.

    At a certain point, we'll just stop caring what the law is and begin to defend ourselves using whatever means necessary.

  2. Bastiatarian - I essentially agree with your analysis that SB 1070 may have a marginal effect.

    However, it is a step in the right direction and I applaud Governor Brewers efforts and steadfastness. We need many more like her.

    Perhaps I should have included this suggestion... Bring the troops home from Iran and Afghanistan and station them along our southern borders with the standing orders to shoot anyone attempting to cross other than at authorized checkpoints.

    It's a huge problem, one that business encouraged to gain access to cheap labor and the government turned a blind eye to knowing it could manipulate the issue for political gain.

    A truly sad commentary on business and government.

  3. >it is a step in the right direction

    Oh, I completely agree. A very necessary step in the right direction. I just meant that it is only a step, not the big, final fix to the problem.

    >standing orders to shoot anyone attempting to cross other than at authorized checkpoints.

    I got banned from Hot Air for suggesting that!
    But, I'll keep suggesting it until it gets done.

  4. With Republicans having majority until 2006; and in the White House for 21 out of 29 years before Obama, where is the responsibility of the "do nothing" republicans?
    The Constitution is clear, Congress has the authority to make laws regulating immagration. It's not something left up to the States.
    Not happy with the performance of the feds? Neither are most Americans on any issue, but then after 30 years of Republican power, it's no surprise the federal government can't do anything. According to Republicans the federal governmant is not supposed to do anything, and they have worked hard to make that goal a reality.


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