A Take On ObamaCare From A Real Conservative

By: Les Carpenter III
Rational Nation USA

America braces for the most offensive government intrusion into the lives of it's citizens by what is arguably the least qualified, yet most power hungry administration since FDR.  All liberty minded individuals need take a deep breath, relax,  and commit ourselves to doing all we can as individuals to peacefully, through civil disobedience, calling or writing our legislators, actively campaigning for liberty candidates, donating  to whatever degree each can afford to candidates that share the values of freedom, individualism, limited government, and a respect for our constitution.

Together, united in the cause of liberty, We The People can stop the tyrants now in control of our nation. These very tyrants, Madame Pelosi, Herr Reid, and Chancellor Obama (et all) are attempting to gain control over the lives of every individual in this nation through government control of medicine and healthcare. They must be stopped at the ballet box in 2010 and 2012.

Listen to the words of Micheal Savage. A true conservative, one who has stood against the socialist/statist ideology with consistency and resolve. Let his words sink in, deep into your conscientiousness and help give you the resolve to fight on against the growing menace of tyranny in 21st century America.

Long Live The Republic!


  1. Glad to hear you say something honestly: You do not consider George Bush's administration to be the 'least qualified'

    Nor do you consider the Patriot Act to be an "..offensive government intrusion into the lives of it's citizens..."

    Since you have to go all the way back to FDR that means you have no problem with Bush's Medicare Prescription Drug Program, No Child Left Behind, or LBJ's Great Society...

    You are not a radical freedomista, nor an independent conservative, but rather you are a Republican Bushista.....

    Thanks for setting the record straight....at one time I thought you were sincere in your critique of big government but now I see you are just a Repbulican in drag as a Patriot...

  2. TAO - Your intellect is simply astounding.

    George Bush, as was Jimmy Carter, unqualified to hold the office of President. Richard Nixon, as intelligent as he may have been was a scary dude and in retrospect the country would have been better off had we skipped the opportunity to elect him.

    I was talking about Obama as being the least qualified President. I stand by my statement. He has absolutely no experience, or the intellect to be president IMO.

    As far as FDR is concerned, I am diametrically opposed to all he stood for. Even given that he had more qualifications that BHO to hold the office.

    Try as you might CHAIRMAN, you will never defeat logic by your circular reasoning, or your constant misrepresentation to fit your radical leftist agenda.

    So, please go chill and have a tasty elitist Latte. Your are becoming very boring.

  3. Hey Mao, try sticking to the subject. Conservatives and libertarians are not distracted by shiny objects like MSNBC-bots.

    The patriot act is offensive, but it pales in comparison to the socialism FDR introduced.

    RN said "the most." Pull you head out!

  4. I would have to argue that the "most offensive intrusion" goes back even farther than FDR. To me, it goes all the way back to the time that the States ratified the 16th amendment.

    As proof of this one only needs to look at their tax forms to see just how much of a person's must reveal to their government in order to comply by the laws.

  5. Griper - First a hearty welcome back from your trip home!

    Second as I reread this post and consider your well thought comment I must acknowledge you are correct.

    It is good to once again hear your voice for liberty an unemotional reason.


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