Representative Massa and Rahm Emannual

The Republican Party is certainly in the same game as the Democratic Party, and it is often one gets upset with their... well internal politics. It is sure a lot of fun to sit back and enjoy the internal strife within the Democratic party from time to time.

The Transcript:

Emanuel: I don’t want you to be on TV tonight to be angry.

Massa: Alright.

Emanuel: Ok. Take it down a notch. Ok?

Massa: Ok.


Massa: I never had admiral walk on my ship who wasn’t inspecting me. So I think that anyone in the military knows that a visit from headquarters often brings bad news. He wants to fine tune me. He wants to refine me. But my problem is I am who I am and that’s…I’m not very refinable. He thinks I’m too fiery. Did I sound angry?

(Unidentified woman, perhaps his daughter): You always sound angry.


Emanuel: You’ve gotta smile

Massa: I know.

Emanuel: Have fun. If all people see is anger, they’ll see anger. Be

Massa: Rahm Emanuel says I’m too uptight.

Someone off-cam: F**k him

Massa: Now of course for him to say I’m too uptight. He’s a pretty serious guy. I’ve never see him smile once in all the time I’ve seen him on TV.

Someone off cam: If you got this far without Rahm Emanuel’s help, F**k him.

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Now let us fast forward to the present:... The Link.

Don't you just love the ethics of the Democratic Party? With respect to Rahm Emanuel I simply must agree with Massa.

Via: Real Clear Politics - Flasback
Va: Real Clear Politics


  1. RN,

    This whole Massa thing has much more to it than we are seeing. I look at Massa as being perhaps the one from the beltway who can actually bring light to the goings-on behind closed doors and such.

    I do believe he is culpable for some of the problems we face today as a Nation, true. But I look at how he is being crucified by the Dems and how the WH has been dodging commenting about him and Rahm's attacks on him. It is starting to add up for Massa.

    I am strongly considering that he might be the one to blow the whistle and bring down many of the corrupt politicians in DC, and I am strongly considering throwing him my support to do this. No, not financially. I prefer to use my words.

    This story has legs, believe me. This is not the last we are to hear about Massa and Rahm and the Dems.

    It's about time, isn't it?

  2. I don't know what to think. I can't stand Emanuel and the Chicago Crime Syndicate now running the country, but Massa is in trouble big time over those unseemly allegations. At this point I don't consider him a credible witness, no matter how entertaining he may be.

  3. DON - Yes it is about time. I picked up on this and I will be following the story further. Given Massa's others issues we'll have to see.

  4. Silverfiddle - At this point I am not sure what to make of it all either.

    I believe Massa is possibly paying the price for not toeing the Dem's party power structure line 100%

    As the story develops we'll certainly know more.


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