The Power of Iron Sharpening Iron

Plain and simple and to the point:  This "Blogosphere", this intangible universe of thoughts, complaints, praises, and admonitions, is showing itself to be relevant and valid in this modern world of "info on demand".

In 2 to 3 minutes, I can access any preferred news sources or blogs and find out what's what, what really matters, what people are talking about, and how I should interact with it all.

Keeping this in mind, it is with great anticipation, and not a little anxiety, that I find myself here at Rational Nation USA.  It is here, at blogs like this, that normal, common-sense, and rational Americans can opine and reflect, learn, debate, be challenged, and hopefully grow into their own skins, politically speaking.

During a phone conversation with Les, I commented to him that I espouse the concept of "iron sharpening iron", and with his invitation to become a contributor here, I avail myself to be as a kind of ideological iron, in the hopes of sharpening your beliefs, and yes, having mine sharpened as well.

Les has put out the call to any who would listen to venture here and engage in rational dialogues.  Obviously we are not all of the same mindsets, which would lead to a massive influx of insipid discourse!, and upon these Internet/Blogspot pages bearing the name of Rational Nation USA, we might be able to simply talk like Americans and figure out what's what.

I would be lying if I said I am not grinning right now in anticipation.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I will let all know that I am an Independent Conservative, a Covenant Christian who belongs to The Invisible Church, a Veteran, a Husband and a Father, and extremely pro-Constitution.  I highly endorse the pro-Life truth, and I heartily despise the death penalty.

I believe in government to the extent of simply being an organization that governs, and Jesus to be my moral compass, Master, Lord, and God.  These two need not be intertwined for proper governance.  I have no desire for a "Christian Government", much less any kind of religion-based government.  I know this upsets some of my Conservative associates, but I'm okay with that.

I will always, and I mean always, reciprocate courtesy with courtesy.  I will not suffer rudeness or disrespect.  I know also that Les won't, as well.  And rightly so.

To close, allow me to say that I will do my utmost to ever be relevant and meaningful in my discourses.  I'm not looking for any kind of confrontation or shock values, but if my words make you uncomfortable, that's when we really need to talk like rational adults and figure it all out.  I can always stand to learn something new.

The question is: Can you?


  1. Don - An absolutely superb post. So true and honest. I love it.

    It will be a... "A Great Year", perhaps one of political reckoning.

  2. Absolutely!! I love that the Constitution was written on natural law (Cicero), not necessarily Christian law, though the 2 go hand-in-hand because I think Christianity accepts and thrives on natural law. I love that the Constitution respects all religions equally while acknowledging a Creator as the giver of rights. SO awesome!!

    I learn a lot from reading blogs, and it does make me think outside of my box and stretch my brain philosophically, and it feels good.

  3. i'll be looking forward to your post Don.

  4. @The Griper,

    And indeed I shall be looking forward to your insights as well, Griper.

    Long Live the Republic.

  5. An observation from reading your post Mr. Borsch.
    I admit I underestimated the scope that small blogs like mine, and those with a little more, to a lot more reach than mine have.

    I've noticed several times over the past year "celebrity" pundits saying almost verbatim things that I know I read for the first time from one of the blogs in this community. I saw Bill Maher use the same phrasing I used on two posts regarding Republicans choosing presidential candidates based on whose "turn" it was. I've heard pundits use phrases from comments left by both right and left leaning bloggers. It's too bad the original source nevr gets any credit or at least a "shout out" but it is nice to know that people are noticing. I look for RN to keep building on his idea here. I think he's a stand up guy and hope the best for him and the contributors at Rational Nation.

  6. @Truth 101,

    Please, call me Donald.

    I hear what you are saying, Truth. While it is an excellent arena for the best free thoughts out here, from both sides of the fence, we are easy targets to steal from because we are relatively unknown and insignificant in the eyes of those who hold sway over their disciples due to their celebrity. In other words, we don't matter to them.

    Our work, our energies, our opinions, our putting ourselves into our blogs with sweat and real effort, all meaningless to the famous privileged of screen, stage, politics, and music.

    For what it's worth, like you mentioned, RN is a stand-up guy, and I like to think I am as well, and I will put my integrity on the line and publicly proclaim that credit will always be given to original sources. Even if they are filthy liberals! (Jokes, Truth, jokes! Ha!)

    I hope to share ideals with you in the future!


  7. To All - This is what bipartisanship is really all about.

    Independent minds speaking freely and from an educated perspective.

    For in the end that is what made America the great country it is. Arguably the greatest and freest country on earth.

  8. Donald: We may be "relatively unknown" NOW, but give us some time and then see if we're "easy targets"! LOL!

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