Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Obama Had His Chance... Now It Is Time To Stand Against Tyranny

By: Les Carpenter III
Rational Nation USA

Sometime after the election of  Barrack Hussein Obama I determined to give the guy a break. You know, back off on the heavy slash and burn and give the man a chance.  After all everyone deserves at least a chance to prove themselves.

The initial concerns over his complete lack of experience  in anything other than community organizing , studying the works of Saul Alinsky, and dabbling at being a law professor were put on the back burner.

The fact he had zero, zip, nada experience meeting a payroll and running a successful enterprise,  not even a hot dog stand was tucked away in the deep folds  of my mind so as to be fair and balanced in my assessment of the man.

Well, almost no experience. He had been a U.S. Senator  and certainly had shown his oratorical flair as the  keynote speaker at the Democratic National Convention in 2004. During his short stay in the Senate it is hard (if not impossible) to point to any significant legislation that bears his name as sponsor. But he did spend time honing and perfecting the skill(s) that would serve him well as a candidate and future President. I believe they are called the fine art of lying and spreading BS everywhere one finds the opportunity.

After the huge explosion in government under GWB, we all know GWB as the President who never met a spending bill he didn't like, it was almost easy, and certainly tempting to say, what the heck, it can't be any worse than the last four years. And so it went. Looking for ways to give this new voice a chance it was easy to overlook the obvious and in the spirit of bipartisanship give Obama that chance he so diligently failed to prepare for.

Of course in keeping with the Presidents desire to restore America's stature throughout the world, and regain the respect of nations who never much respected us anyway Mr. Obama extended our hands to those who would prefer to cut them off. His idealized view of a socialist one world order was, like so many other signs swept under the rug so as to be fair to Mr. Obama and give him an unbiased chance.

If this sound like something millions of  American might have been thinking, and perhaps some still are,
is is almost understandable as most Americans wanted a change from the direction GWB and a corrupt congress was leading us.

However, it is now glaringly obvious the President, perhaps the most narcissistic individual to have ever occupied the White House, clearly and strongly believes he knows what is best for us all. And to prove it he is going to do whatever it takes to ram the health insurance reform bill down our collective throats.

In conjunction with the strong arm tactics of Madame Pelosi President Obama is now making it clear that come campaign time he will refuse to campaign for any recalcitrant congressmen who fails to back ObamaCare. Presidential appearance can draw in hundreds of thousands of dollar for a single evening on the stump for a candidate. Losing funding potential of this magnitude could be huge for democratic candidates and hurt their chance of re-election.

The Chosen One is also making personal calls to democratic congressmen  who are still sitting on the fence weighing their votes. These congressman are typically conservative from conservative districts where support for ObamaCare is limited. Many are worried that showing support for the bill, which is unpopular with a majority of Americans will cost them their seats in November.

There are a couple of issues that seem to be getting lost in the discussion. First, is it not the responsibility of elected congressional representative to vote the way their constituents clearly indicate they want them to? Second, is it ethical for a President of these United States to either offer something in return for the vote he wants, or to employ strong arm tactics and threats to gain support? Third, shouldn't a President want congressmen to vote in support of the will of their constituents? And finally it it not the way a government of the people, by the people, and for the people is designed to work. Free of  force or coercion by the leaders of the government.

It is becoming increasingly obvious that the President really believes he knows what is best for his dimwitted subjects, and he must take strong action to protect us from ourselves. Such is the mindset of all collectivist and statist sympathizing people.

Unless We The People, wake up to the very real threat before us, we may one day wake up to find we are governed by a small group of elitist's who believe... "One Ring To Rule Them All... And In The Darkness Bind Them.:

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  1. Late Breaking News!

    Democratic Rep. Dennis Kucinich switches to a 'yes' vote on health care overhaul bill

  2. Twisting arms, and the threat of withholding support works well on the minions.

    All Hail the Fuhrer.

    Tic toc... Tic toc... Tic toc...

    Approaching 2010 mid term and 2012.

    Tic toc... Tic toc... Tic toc....

  3. Love the piece, Les. I love the tie-in to the Lord of the Rings at the end. Nice work my friend!

  4. "it is now glaringly obvious the President, perhaps the most narcissistic individual to have ever occupied the White House, clearly and strongly believes he knows what is best for us all" I believe Obama's interview with Foxes Bret Baier, stamped your statement into stone. Well said!

  5. Thanks Tim, I enjoyed putting it together!

  6. Dean O - Thank you.

    We certainly have a lot of work to do over the next one to three years.

  7. We are rising for such a time as this. This is destiny, folks. Never before in our lifetimes have we seen such atrocities and blatant hatred towards America as we are now witnessing.

    I consider myself honored and yes, blessed, to know some of you and to be able to stand shoulder-to-shoulder in this battle.

    Remember, "We deserve what we tolerate." Well, no more. The sleeping giant is awake and he has much to say.

    Liberate tutume ex inferis, you progressive liars and most treacherous America-haters. The simpleton common-sense Conservatives you dismissed are coming for you.

    It's about to get very ugly.

  8. Don - As America awakens further to the threat of tyranny from within it will indeed be very likely we will witness the second (And Peaceful) revolution.

    We are winning the hearts and minds of Americans who recognize their very liberties are being threatened, and in fact taken from them.

  9. The "one ring to rule them..." picture, is it your creation? Just curious as I think it would be cool on a t-shirt/bumper sticker.

    The article was very good. I too hope the average "non-political" American wakes up. I'm seeing more and more finally turning their eyes towards Washington, but I hope more do and the 'anger' is sustained through November.

  10. Chatjd - I wish it were my creation! I pulled it off the web somewhere a while back.

    I am pleased you liked the article and hopeful as you are that the outrage carries into 2010... 2012 and beyond.

    Our very liberties depend on it!


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