Friday, March 5, 2010

New Voices At Rational Nation USA

A large part of my vision in redesigning Rational Nation USA was to not only improve the sites look, functionality, and user friendliness,  something I turned over to Wes Messamore to accomplish for me, but also to broaden the views presented on my humble blog.

And so I began a search to find individuals who possess unique and independent thinking skills, as well as being accomplished writers, able to make their points succinctly and drive them home by using  good information and a sharp ability to reason. I am happy to report that my efforts have been successful.

I am pleased to announce that Pamela Hart and Donald Borsch Jr. have agreed to join Rational Nation USA as contributors. Both are fine writers and citizen journalists that believe passionately in the causes of liberty, limited government, and fiscal responsibility. 

Donald, aside from running his own blog, Conservative Firestorm, he also is a regular contributor to Right Pundits where he is beginning to have an impact. 

Pamela also runs her on blog, The  Oracular Opinion, where she is reaching a broad cross section of the political landscape. Her ability to reach across the partisan political  divisions is refreshing.

If you have not yet visited Pamela and Don at their sites I encourage you to do so. You will not be disappointed.

Rational Nation USA is indeed fortunate to have the privilege of  presenting these two fine patriots as contributors to Rational Nation USA's cause and vision for America.

Welcome aboard, and here's to a great 2010! 


  1. Les: The new design looks great. I wrote a quick post on my blog about our new "blogoship" and gave Wes a shout out too.

    Now I need to write a "good"[for lack of better words] post! If only we had more hours in a day!

  2. Les: Awesome new look and new vision for RN!
    (Wes is doing a bang-up job! He's for hire, is he? Hmmm...)

    Looking forward to a GREAT year and an even better fellowship with RNUSA.

    Long Live the Republic!

  3. Pamela - Thanks so much, Wes did a great job. And welcome aboard. I look forward to a great partnership.

    Don - Another thank you and yes Wes is a real pro. We'll worth considering for those thinking about a redesign of their site. Welcome aboard and here's to a great year and strong fellowship.

    To The Republic!


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