The March Of The Progressives

By: Les Carpenter III
Rational Nation USA

I know, the  hottest story continues to be the newly signed ObamaCare bill, at least in the blogosphere. Being the political junkie I am the thought of doing another article on ObamaCare crossed my mind, more than once.

There is certainly enough to write about. Looming legal actions in several states to stop the bill. The predictably positive spin a  liberal press has given the passage of ObamaCare. The change in polling data from negative to  positive in the span of two days. And so much more...

But when it came right down to it, I just couldn't find the energy  needed to get my mind further engaged in yet another critical analysis of this bill. So... as the result of this I decided to post something on Ann Coulter and freedom of speech.

I am sure many  will remember the discussions in America over The Fairness Doctrine, and the flap over the treatment given Michael Savage by Great Britain for the crime of being a true independent conservative speaking independently (that means in opposition to the statist/socialist agenda)  and correctly. For this he was banned in Britain, and the U.S. State Department said nothing. Hmm... a telling sign?... getting the picture? The progressive march against freedom of speech and individual thought?

Now, just north of our border in Ottawa Canada, at the University of Ottawa another American conservative, Ann Coulter was unable to speak on the campus because of her conservative views. It seems that in Canada the definition of freedom of speech is different than most Americans understand it. At least for most of our nation's history this would be true. Today it might be questionable..

The Vice President  of the University of Ottawa advised Coulter in an e-mail that "freedom of speech in Canada is defined differently than in the U.S. and that she should take care not to step over the line." This is censorship pure and simple and apparently it is alive and well in academia in Canada. The grip of politically correct speech is steadily tightening it seems everywhere.

Coulter had this to say on her arrival in Canada;  "Since I've arrived in Canada, I've been denounced on the floor of Parliament — which, by the way, is on my bucket list — my posters have been banned, I've been accused of committing a crime in a speech that I have not yet given, I was banned by the student council, so welcome to Canada!" 

It seems both the Canadian Parliament and the University sanction the shutting down of opinion not in step with progressive socialist statist ideologies. it is happening in what was once free Europe. It is happening in Canada as well as Central and South America. And it is happening here at home in the United States.

Canada, Great Britain, and the rest are not what is, nor should they be important to us. What is important is the trend in this country to channel speech and thought along the lines that the progressive academia in America, and the socialist/statist politicians and lawmakers in Washington, as well as the government/media complex  would have us accept as truth. Essentially politically correct speech is one leg of the socialist/statist table that is slowly being set for us.

I use this recent experience, read article here, of Ann Coulter to highlight an evil that is existent in this world and if accepted, as it is in the press, government, and academia, we in America could very well be facing increased censorship and loss of our free speech rights. Never doubt that it could happen here. As Patriots we must remain vigilant and stand up for our rights to think and speak freely as individuals

We should consider the experiences of Savage and Coulter and how they could well be the forerunners to American censorship of ideas not felt to be politically correct or in opposition to the government. The very lifeblood of a free and independent republic is the freedom of political speech. Even when some find it offensive.


  1. Actually, if you look into it a little deeper, you'll find that the organizers (you know, Ann Coulter's people) cancelled the event. Unconfirmed rumors are that only 100 tickets had sold, and significantly more protesters than 100 were on the scene. Loud, but non-violent.

    Who could have guessed that Ann Coulter was a drama queen willing to twist facts for a little publicity?

  2. Nameless Cynic - Imagine that... She must have been schooled by the same people as Madame Pelosi, Herr Reid, and Fuhrer Obama.

    The real main point of the post. Coulter's experience with the extreme politically correctness in Canada my just migrate south. It is already here, just a few short years behind Canada and England.Unless we wake up to this fact.


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