Is Conservatism Experiencing A Rebirth Or Is It Becoming Irrelevant?

As an independent conservative I have stood steadfast by the values, ethics, and vision this nation was founded on. I am proud of the American Heritage that gave us the freest and most productive and prosperous nation on earth. I am proud to have the same independence and the fiercely proud spirit that gave our forebears the strength do defeat a tyrant and give us the liberty we have yet today.

I am proud to be an independent conservative and I make no apologies. However, I must acknowledge  the conservative movement has been high jacked by the neo cons, the RHINO's, those who wish America to maintain an active and interventionist foreign policy as well as those who sell us on a mixed economy highly influenced by special interest and want us to believe government subsidies to business is a good thing.

Many will make the argument that conservatism  in America is dying. Unless, and until such time those who understand the basis of real conservatism take a stand and speak the truth about the movement it likely will continue to die a slow death. I am reading an article by Andrew Sullivan of  the Atlantic. He makes many points supporting the premise that unless the movement changes and redefines itself with real conservative values and ethics it is indeed dead.

Rational Nation USA  found Mr. Sullivan's article, The Death Of Conservatism, Ctd, thought provoking and a good read. We highly encourage, and recommend it's reading.

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  1. It's been said that conservatism died with the Soviet Union. The movement that started with William F. Buckley was dedicated to anti-Communism and little else. While I respect the man, the Buckley movement essentially militarized the Right. Judging from the hatred spewing from the conservative movement at Ron Paul's win in a straw poll, I'd say it's even moreso now.

    The Bush years were a fiasco. Mainstream conservatives never had the nerve to question Bush. And the way presidential hopefuls like "conservative" Mitt Romney suggested that Bush would be judged more kindly by history shows us just what kind of president he would be - learning none of the lessons we should have learned from Bush.

    I don't much care for Sullivan, but his article shows more understanding of conservatism than most I've seen. You might also want to read this article written a couple of years ago by John Zmirak where he says, "During the Clinton years, conservatism wasn't just dumbed down. It was lobotomized."

  2. Oh my, is it okay to criticize conservatives today?

    Is it okay to now say that the worst thing for conservative values is conservative politicians...or that conservativism must be protected from the STUPIDITY that is conservatives?

    GWB will NOT be treated kindly by history because he will be viewed as the conservative who destroyed conservatism for many people.

    The party of FEAR and now NO has turned conservative thought into a hodge podge of stupidty.

    But then what do I know? I am just an 'elitist liberal' who 'baits and switches'...

    But it is funny to find others who express the same ideas that I have....

  3. Carl - You make many valid points. One's that I share and obviously agree with.

    I thank you for the link provided and certainly will check it out.

    Hopefully the "libertarian" leaning members of the republican party and independent conservatives will grow the b*lls to stand up and speak to the truth and what conservative thought really stands for.

    I will be working and waiting.

  4. @Carl,

    Nice pull on the Taki Mag article. I love their stuff. Kevin Gutzman lives in my hometown.

  5. That's cool, Donald. I really enjoyed his book "The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Constitution."

  6. @RN,

    Found this on Monday night. Just for some brain food. Enjoy!

  7. Don - Thanks for the link. Quickly checked it out... looks interesting. Will certainly delve deeper for sure.


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