Honored to Join Rational Nation USA

Hi, I'm Pamela D. Hart and I was given an incredible compliment this past week from Les, the owner and host of this “humble”, as he describes it, blog. He asked me to contribute as an author because it’s his wish to expand on his independent conservative views by adding unique and independent thinkers and believed I fit that description.

I am truly humbled that Les feels I’m an independent thinker as well as a creative writer and he also complimented me highly when he told me he was impressed by my attempt to retain my conservative values while engaging those with a Liberal ideology. He said he believed this to be true bipartisanship and something he would like to achieve at Rational Nation USA. Les would like to encompass a wider range of rational political ideas and opinions here at Rational Nation USA because he believes, as I do, that this type of discussion is constructive. It is my desire to help him achieve that goal.

I would like to say that I admire and respect Les and I’m proud to be part of his team. It’s my hope and goal that Rational Nation USA will rise to new heights.

I’m looking forward to this new adventure, so wish us GOOD LUCK!


  1. Pamela - And RN USA is honored to have you aboard. ere's to a GREAT year and growing partnership.

  2. as Les says, welcome aboard, Ms. Pam. as to the idea of engaging those of liberal ideology, Les will tell you you probably will engage some with me also. lol and he'll tell you i'm no leftist ideologist, politically. hope you enjoy the experience here.

  3. Griper - I can assure you, and everyone that Pamela is more than capable of holding her in any rational discussion on the issues.

    Make now mistake... she is an independent conservative and capable of challenging even the most strongly held so called conservative beliefs.

    Have fun with the interchange of ideas. I know I did.

  4. Thank you, Griper. I've had my share of challenges and I welcome more. I like to think that rational debates keep me attuned to the world, as well as on my toes!


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