Monday, March 15, 2010

The Coming Health Care Vote... Will It Succeed

As Madame Pelosi prepares the final Democratic onslaught to push a seriously flawed and costly health care (insurance) bill through congress there is yet a possibility it may fail. As liberty loving Americans we certainly hope so. Call your congressional leaders to express opposition to this ill conceived monolith of a bill that will significantly increase the federal governments intrusion into our lives. In its current form it will do nothing to either improve health care or reduce health care costs.

There is strong opposition to reform by voters in key congressional districts. The response to a survey by the Polling Company on behalf of Independent Womens Voice clearly demonstrates opposition to reform. The survey of 1200 registered voters in 35 congressional districts whose members could well determine the outcome of health care (insurance) reform is telling. Following is a quick run down:

82% of those surveyed said the health care issue is the top (or one of the top three) issue in deciding who to support for congress in 2010.

60% believe congress should start from scratch on a bipartisan bill, or stop this year entirely.

55% believe reform will make the health care system worse, 54% think it will make the economy worse off, and 53% believe it will adversely impact their loved ones.

70% would vote against a House member who decides to vote for the Senate bill with all its special interest provisions in tack.

75% are opposed to the federal government mandating individuals to purchase a government approved insurance plan. (64% strongly so, and 81%believe any reform should zero in on cost reduction first.)

75% of respondents agree that Americans should not be required to participate in any government plan and they should be able to do without penalty or fine.

A full 70%, of respondents,  and over 80% in some districts, across party lines stated the following information made them even less supportive. "The bill mandates that individuals purchase insurance or face penalties; it cuts Medicare Advantage; it will force potentially millions to lose existing coverage; it will cost an estimated 2.3 trillion dollars over  its first ten years; and it will grant unprecedented new powers to the Health and Human Services secretary."

These numbers are pretty darn clear, and they represent an overwhelming  belief that ObamaCare (insurance) reform is wrong for America and its people. If we still have the republic our founding fathers passed on to us...  let us hope the congressmen in these districts vote the way their constituents have clealy said they want them to.

Not holding my breath.

 Read the full article in The Wall Sreet Journal

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