Bart Stupak and the Pro-life Democrat (endangered) Constituency, A Braverheart Moment, San Diego Operation Urgent Rally

by the Left Coast Rebel

Like I said before, I picked the worst week in America's history to be super-busy with career stuff. I feel helpless with the push to tyranny that the Democrat-Leninists are assuming - I feel like my nation, my belief system and the future of my family is under attack and there is nothing I can do. I see here that Dear Leader sees nothing wrong with kickbacks, suicidal procedures, the slaughtering of the Constitution or whatever else. Who can say 'desperation' now that Fearless Reader is on Fox News? I thought there was a ban....perhaps the only ban forthcoming will be on those, as us, that see the revolution here that most do not.

I truly appreciate Les Carpenter from Rational Nation USA's LCR attendance as I do C-Gen's - you guys rock! I have been made fully aware of the power of like-minded cooperation for a common goal. The Left Coast Rebel will never be the same.

A local flair - this evening Tea Partiers held in San Diego held an Operation Urgent Care rally. Temple of Mut fill us in with pictures, be sure to read the rest:

Now check this out. Temple of Mut provides an awesome Stupak/Braveheart video as well. This thing is incredible:

To fight tyranny. Indeed.



  1. "My Body My Choice..."

    Was that a pro abortion rally?

  2. LCR: THAT video was AWESOME!

    "...the slaughtering of the Constitution...

    yes I do believe they are placing it in a paper shreader as we speak.

    Don't be too hard on yourself, I feel helpless too. I can only make phone calls and blog. But at least it's something!

  3. Tim - Great post, excelent video, and you are doing super work at LCR.

    We must keep fighting the right fight! Call me an optimist but I continue to have faith in the rationality of most Americans and believe we will ultimately win the fight against the tyranny that is the extreme left. Barack Hussein Obama is the personification of the tyrannical MODERN day leftist.

  4. I feel as though, if I don't do something every day (talk to someone, blog, sign a petition, PRAY) that somehow I'm letting my country down. Never felt this way before. Maybe that's why we're in the shape we're in—because we didn't do it back then, whenever then was. We're doing it now. I pray it's not too late.



  5. Granny - As do I.

    I will push, and push, and push.... as hard as I can, and for as long as it takes to win this war to preserve our liberty.

    Thanks for stopping in Granny, together we WILL win the fight!

  6. Any 'rational' thinker realizes that the USA is hardly living under tyranny.

    But it sure is fun to pretend, huh?

    Just how were you oppressed today Les?

  7. TAO - No, it was a 'pro-choice' rally, the freedom to choose in all areas of one's life. That's terribly difficult to understand though, isn't it? Sorry for that.

    Pamela - Thank you.

    Les - Thanks. This fight puts me in a strange quandry. I know that you are right and that most rational Americans despise this tyranny. Beyond that, I see a power elite that doesn't seem to even mind that fact.

  8. Arthurstone - I refer you to LCR's response to TAO... Liberty and having the freedom to chose just seems to excape some. Tis a shame and threatens us all.

  9. Tim - I Know you are right with respect to the elite statist power structure. It has been in place for quite some time and is only growing more powerful under the stewardship of "The Emperor With No Clothes."

    The naked display of power and the total disregard for his "subjects" sets Barrack Hussein Obama in a class of his own in American history.


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