Monday, March 15, 2010

As The Nation Considers Health Care Reform

As America considers health care reform (ObamaCare), and the promise of greater federal government interference into the lives of individuals, Rational Nation USA  asks that you consider the words of a past President of this great and individualistic nation. We then ask, if you agree that the bill known as ObamaCare will have only a negative impact on our nation, that you call your representatives and senators and forcefully weigh in with  your resistance to this national Obamanation.

And now a poignant statement on the reality that ObamaCare and its underlying ideology will result in.

Via: Rational Thought And Belief In Individualism


  1. They are hell bent on doing this. I am pessimistic. Pelosi, Reid and Obama will bribe, threaten and twist arms until they get the votes, and it will be damn near impossible to undo...

  2. Hey RN: you're making progress man. The republican running for governor here in Illinois is calling himself an "Independent Republican."

    Congratulations. Maybe you are making a difference.

    In keeping with your subject, I disagree with your assessment and predictions regarding national healthcare.

  3. TRUTH 101:

    LOL! You always make me smile.

    First you actually show RN a little bit of support and then you just have to finish your comments by disagreeing with him! Awesome!

    I do wonder what an "Independent Republican" is, though. So, he's "independent", but he's receiving money from the GOP? How's that work, I wonder? Hmm. Inquiring minds want to know.

    Also, not for nothing, but do you really, and I mean REALLY, support this HC fiasco? Or are you just pulling our chains?

  4. I'm for single payer but I'm pragmatic enough to know that won't happen oernight. It has to be done incrementally. As has been pointed out by Les and others, once a government program is in place it's almost impossible to stop. It's the republicans screaming about Medicare cuts now.

    Once this is in a much better plan will be the obvious end result.

  5. @TRUTH 101,

    "Done incrementally"? My. Wait a minute! You're not just a liberal, you're a Progressive! Someone alert the media!

    Take heart, sir. Like Pelosi said, just pass the thing and then we can all see what's really in it.

    The Slaughter Solution will take care of everything, and then we will see what's what. It just does not look good at all, passing a Bill that hasn't been voted on and the Dems have their names all over it. I have never seen a party so hot for something and yet suffering so much infighting at the same time.

    Will you be prepared, if this thing goes through, to face the severe backlash and public outrage?

    Always a pleasure to chat with ya, TRUTH.

  6. Silverfiddle - I am afraid you are right. Unfortunately future generations will be stuck with this monstrosity of a social disaster.

  7. Truth - Independent Republican? What exactly is that? I will have to check him out, but my guess is I won't be putting up a badge on RN USA in support.

  8. Don - As Truth said he really supports single payer total socialistic government run and mandated health care. We have had many discussions in the past.We continue to disagree of course.

    Truth is known for throwing me a bone now and again. It is part of the Truth - Chairman TAO tag team. You know, the good cop bad cop sort of thing! :-)

  9. Truth - Don asks a good question.Will you and brother Chairman TAO be ready for the 2010 and 2012 backlash?

  10. TRUTH101 said: It has to be done incrementally.

    …once a government program is in place it's almost impossible to stop.

    Truth: Those two statements contradict themselves. Once government gets its hands on our health care there is no GUARANTEE anything good will be done incrementally or otherwise. We don’t even know what’s in the bill because Pelosi said to pass it then we’ll see what’s in it! THAT is WRONG. We have a right to know what our Representatives are voting on—not to mention our Representatives SHOULD know what they are voting on.

    Also, for Pelosi to tell Democrats to risk their seats to get this passed was very telling. IF this bill was so GREAT, the Dems AND Repubs would be running to sign it! No one should be “bribed” or “threatened”. A GOOD bill which is GOOD for America and her people doesn’t require anything except READING, something we aren’t able to do because it’s hidden from our eyes until after it’s passed. Why is that?

    Then we have Axelrod who says, “Bring it on” and “Make my day”. What is this now, Hollywood? Where is the integrity? I’ve spoken time and again about MORALS and INTEGRITY and I’m sorry, but I see NONE! Shove it through, threaten, intimidate and bribe. If this was a GOOD bill no one would need strong-armed tactics to get it passed.

  11. IMO, there is a lot of "willing suspension of disbelief" on all sides of the health care issue.

    For instance: "This bill does (or does not) address the problem of health care costs."

    There is simply no way to know this for sure, either way. Projections that go out 10-20 years are meaningless. Health Care does not stand still. Who knows what new procedures, therapies, medications, etc will be available in ten years? In 20? For the first time in human history, serious research suggests that we might be able to slow the aging process someday, perhaps considerably. What will be the impact of a population that lives e.g., 25 percent longer on Medicare (not to mention Social Security) expenditures? The thinking on both sides is far too "static".

    For instance: "This health care bill represents a government takeover of 1/6 of the national economy."

    Let's think for a moment about that one.

    Medicare: Health care entitlement for everyone over 65, regardless of need. Already owned by the Government.

    Medicaid: health care subsidy for those under 65 who can't afford care or insurance. Owned by the Government.

    Employer-supplied health insurance plans: Already regulated by the government. The market is skewed beyond rationality by tax incentives provided to both employers and employees. Nothing in the current plan will change the status quo here. Most folks with employer sponsored health plans won't see any difference. Probably the biggest share of the national health care market.

    What's left? People who pay for their own care and/or insurance or who have none at all. Nothing to sneeze at, but nothing close to 1/6 of the economy.

    Wake up folks. You can't stop government takeover of 1/6 of the economy by opposing this bill. Government already owns a significant share directly and interferes seriously in the market for the rest. And, surprise!, the health care industry by and large has nothing against a bill that extends government involvement into the insurance market for the privately insured. Why? Because, as long as the bill includes the mandatory coverage requirement (and only if it includes it), it means more customers for the insurers, and more business for the health care providers.

    The Bill does represent more government involvement in health care, but is an incremental increase and not nearly as major as some would like to believe when compared with the legislation that instituted Medicare/Medicaid and legislation providing tax breaks of various sorts for employers and employees.

    My $0.2: Do away with all tax incentives related to health care. Do away with all government programs that pay for medical care *regardless of need*. Subsidize care directly for those truly in need. This would put more money in most people's pockets, except for the health insurers and health care providers. With proper incentives (or lack of improper incentives) to "ration" their personal health care needs on their own, people would use the health care system rationally. Reduced demand would affect the price curves as usual.

  12. I never contradict myself Pamela. It's just that there is something aboutthe right leaning mind that can't comprehend truth.

    Incrementally working for health insurance reform is a tactic. Unfortunately there are people on both sides that need to be worked this way. Once it's started you won't be able to stop it folks. Try and "reform" Social Security and Medicare. Every one of your freedom loving republican lawmakers will cry out in unison to save thees socialist programs you're all on or looking forward to so you can retire.

    Chairmaa TAO isn't sround now. You can all admit you like government guys. It's alright.

  13. Truth - May like certain individuals in government from time to time. As to liking government... never.
    Government is something to be feared as it represents power and force.

    And the left , with in that structure merely represents the greatest danger to individualism and liberty.


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