Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Amazing Hypocrisy Of The Left

An excellent article by Andy McCarthy of National Review points out very succinctly the total hypocrisy of the left lame stream media. It not only brings into the glaring light of day the complete lack of ethics in the lame stream media it exposes the liberal bias in reporting that is so prevalent today.

The leftist lame stream media is up in arms over Ginni Thomas, the wife of conservative Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. New York Times columnist Kathleen Hennessey, in her column today made the point  Ginni Thomas, with her own career and public conservative persona, who defends American values and individualism and liberty somehow compromises the impartiality of the Supreme Court. However she is the wife of a sitting Justice, not a member of the High Court.

What a crock of BS. Lets for a moment take a look at the experiences of the left and determine whether there may be some hypocrisy going on here.

Progressive lawyer who volunteers (this means for free) to defend America's enemies in lawsuits brought against the American people during war. Ultimately you find yourself in a position to make policy decisions in the Justice Department... Ahem, could this be a question of impartiality?

Your are an extreme left abortion proponent like Dawn Johnson who has likened unwanted pregnancy to slavery  it is okay to place you in a an influential position in charge of the Department of Justice's Office of Legal Counsel.

Apparently Kathleen Hennessey found nothing to be concerned with in regards to these realities. As pointed out by Andy McCarthy  in his National Review article today, Ms. Hennessey had no problem with the following either.

Judge Sotomayor, prior to her being seated on the High Court, was a leftist activist, and board member as well as a top policy maker at the Puerto Rican Legal Defense and Education Fund. And remember she is the one who said "a wise Latina is more apt to make a good decision than a mere white male who hasn't  lived that life." Ahem once again. Nary a peep from Ms. Hennessey.

Does anyone see the disconnect here? Isn't it clear that if you are a radical left leaning persona you are left free without question to say and do as you please? However if you are a conservative, such as Ginni Thomas you are called out and used to further the left's agenda.

To me this is the very height of hypocrisy the left has sunk to. Sure enough the left  cry's foul at each pronouncement that calls their agenda into question. But they simply lack the ethical fiber to see there own hypocrisy.

Not much has changed within the progressive left in the last forty years. Other than it has become more virulent and dangerous to America and its founding principals.

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  1. Blogwalking here from Indonesia. How do You do?

  2. Going fine... hope you enjoyed the walk.

  3. Gosh darn it! I hate when We on the Left allow our Monarch Kathleen Hennessey to show OUR hypocrisy! If only she didn't speak for the entire Left, because she does everyone in America who calls themselves Left are Kathleen Hennessey! We are all Kathleen Hennessey, now!


  4. Yup... Your problem and ye shall have to deal with it!


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