Monday, March 29, 2010

2008 - The Most Important Video On The Internet

By: Les Carpenter III
Rational Nation USA

Rational Nation USA offers the following video without editorial comment. Those who have visited often know this sites leanings. The independent conservative views are, I believe, expressed well in this video.

It is my hope you find this material both thought provoking and enjoyable. The afternoon search for philosophical  material of interest was well rewarded in the finding of this video work.

Via: You Tube


  1. I'm all for restoring this nation to the vision of the founders. I also agree in principle with much of the criticism of The Federal Reserve and the income tax, but much opposition to these have taken on the patina of conspiracy kookery and anti-semitism.

    I am accusing you of neither, but that is how I see it.

    These institutions have been enshrined in law, like so much other legal thievery and bribery and slavery, so making somebody "pay back what they have stolen" is probably out of the question. Our government sanctions theft. The latest example was George Bush authorizing Dirty Hank and the Wall Street Bankster gang to loot the treasury in broad daylight.

    I'm not name-calling here--I am a regular reader of this site. I'm in complete agreement on the founders, but I find some of the rhetoric surrounding the fed to be discomfiting, although I agree with the intellectual arguments as they relate back to what the founders wrote.

  2. I do not read anti-anti-semitism into the core concerns of this at all. The fact that many of the bankers and monied interests happen to be Jewish is for me simply "it is what it is."

    The Fed, is both an illegal and unethical organization. And conspiracy theories aside I do believe the Fed is a strong supporter of a one world oder structured by the monied interests throughout the world.

    I did a fairly lengthy series on the Illuminati and the One World Order sometime ago. Frightening stuff if true. And I believe that there is enough evidence to at least believe their is some truth in what is bring said.

  3. I appreciate you taking my comments in the spirit intended. There are many cross-currents at work here, and among the wild conspiracies there are some grains of truth.


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