Wednesday, November 4, 2009

"09" Off Year Election - It is Different

Off year elections generally don't get or keep my interest much. In the large scheme of things, or perhaps the quilt work of politics, they usually don't mean much in the end.

Of course the pundits on both sides of the political equation spin the rhetoric to neatly play to the best interest of their party and their winning candidate. It becomes a referendum on the incumbent president, (if of a different part), the opposition party is resurgent, it will bring back American Values, etc. and so on.

Conversely the pundits spin losses in similar fashion. The loss is not a reflection on the incumbent presidents, (if same party), performance or agenda. The loss was not unexpected as the incumbent running for office had to many issues to overcome and nobody, not even the president could have saved them etc. and so on.

This time it feels different. Perhaps so because it is on the heels of a summer of activism spawned by the Obama Health Care Plan, Cap and Trade, the jobless recovery et all. Grass roots Conservative, Libertarians, and Moderates all across America are awaking to the very likely possibility that the Obama plan will, in fact already is, beginning to fail.

The Obama plan for America is, and always has been statist in nature, and by design. That is to say it will  usurp more liberty from the citizenry for the promise of more governmental entitlements and so called security.
The ultimate cost for these governmental entitlements, so called increased security and corresponding loss of freedoms will be borne by the American taxpayer. Like an Albatross around our collective neck, a phrase I am sure the administration understands perfectly well.

The States of Virginia and New Jersey voted in Republican Governors. Republicans were voted  in as Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General as well. Pennsylvania saw several districts voting  for new faces and more conservative Republican candidates. Unfortunately Conservative candidate Hoffman running in the NY 23 district was defeated. But this I attribute to the die hard Dede supporters that hung on and cast their votes for their withdrawn candidate.

The electorate in this off year election knows there is much at stake. The November 3'rd  results are an early indication that Americans are restless and they do not see the answers to our problems in increased government largess. Obama, and his statist administration, by not recognizing the current mood of our public do so at their political peril. Which is a great thing in this writers estimation.

Having said the above there are some key points to think about. First, the grass roots conservative and libertarian movement must keep active and pressing the establishment on items that limit our liberties and prosperity. Second, the movement needs to find wings with a strong national leader that can enunciate and effectively communicate the core values of liberty, limited government, capitalism, self reliance, personal responsibility, and hard work. Third, moderate Republicans and Democrats must be drawn into the movement for long term success to be achieved.

The real adversary of American values is the 20 -30 percent of our people who hold radical statist values. Values that are in complete opposition to civil society and liberty. The values of this 20 to 30 percent, while sold as well meaning and good for the collective whole, are in fact the vehicles to a tryannical and despotic state. Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Emanuel, Axelrod, et all are all embodiments of this statist radical trend in America.

So It is with great hope the off year "09" election is an indication more people are waking up to this reality. For if the socialist/statist trend that had been accelerating, first under Clinton, and picked up steam under G.W.Bush, and is now a locomotive under Obama, is not stopped by the American electorate America will be a vastly different place than it was even 10 years ago. And it will be much poorer.

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