Thursday, July 30, 2020

Trump's Suggestion To Postpone The Election Today...

‘He’s Terrified of Losing’—Trump Goes Into Hyperdrive to Delegitimize The Election

Trump, who tweeted about postpoing the election today, something everyone understands is unconstitutional, is really concerned with setting the stage to question the legitimacy of the election results should he lose. Trump, perhaps the worlds biggest narcisisist and con artist, will, without a doubt, not go down without putting the nation through hell. Something he has shown himself to be quite good at.


  1. It seems only reasonable to me that if you are worried about this, you'd want to spend some $$$ to make sure the system is secure and workable. The Dem plan provided that money, made election day a National Holiday and funded the mail system to handle the increased volume.

    It's one thing to constantly carp, it's another to offer up solutions. We've seen no solutions from the GOP of Trump's fake problem.

    1. And we won't Dave. The goopers know there is no problem, tRump and his syncophants are simply being demagogues. All to politicize the federal election so as to create chaos and confusion over an election they know they are in danger of losing.


  2. Barack Obama eulogizing speech of John Lewis was among the most disgusting moments in American history. It clearly pointed out just how low the Democrats have fallen.

    1. It was, a wonderful and honest statement of ABSOLUTE TRUTH. President Obama, a real president, spoke the truth and did so very eloquently. The fact you Franco are so GD ignorant and hateful is a terribly egregious burden to carry. One of course of your own making.


  3. The Next Step of course, will be a reinstitution of Chattel Slavery only THIS time it will the Evil WHITES who get to stand naked on the auction blocks, watch the mothers of their children get sold "down the river," to see their children taken from them by force to be sold as Body Slaves to men and women of Sainted African Negro descent.

    White children will be considered TOYS for the Black Rulers to play with and abuse any way they choose. These "TOYS," of course will subject to rejection and summary disposal once their Negro Owners get tired of them or find them in any way displeasing. Either to be killed outright, or turning loose in the streets to try to prostitute themselves to any Negro who takes a fancy to them. Payment for services renders, of course, will totally unregulated and considered optional.

    Any White Racist Bastard caught frowning, or displaying the slightest HINT of a negative opinion towards his black Masters will be summarily LYNCHED –– tortured, mutilated, dismembered, hanged till almost dead, then cut down and BURNED ALIVE after being doused with kerosene or gasoline.

    The Enslaved White Laydees Catering Contingent will be required to produce a Grand Buffet of Fried Chicken, Squirrels, Muskrats, Raccoons, and Horned Screech Owls to celebrate this joyful act of Summry Justice in the Sub-Saharan States of North America.

    Also a brisk trade in selling White Virgins –– aged 8 to 15 –– to join the harems of rich Muslim Potentates will be quickly established to enrich the coffers of the new government of the Sub-Saharan States of North America.

    "JUSTICE At LAST" will be he motto of this new Afro-American nation.

    Won't ir be loverly?

    1. Franco, regardless of how wise and all knowing you believe yourself to be, the fact of the matter is you are quite podsibly the most ignorant, hateful, emotionally diseased octogenarian on the planet.

      Your comment PROVES my observation.


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