Sunday, January 19, 2020

GOP's Mockery Of the Impeachment Process...

What follows is an excerpt from an article speaking the hard cold truth about the present GOP and its almost completely unified effort to make a mockery of the pending impeachment trail. As truly sad and unfortunate as it really is it is the state of the GOP and hence America and her body politic.

On one hand, all the ceremony seemed a bit much, almost screaming out for powdered wigs or, maybe in the spirit of Monty Python and the Holy Grail, a “farcical aquatic ceremony” with a “watery tart,” a sword and a stone. On the other hand, it closed the loop between 1787 and the ideals of the Framers like Alexander Hamilton and James Madison who drafted the impeachment clause, and 2020, when the worst kind of corrupt and reckless demagogue that the Founders so much feared is sitting in the White House (unless he’s out golfing).

All of which makes it a shame that in so many ways this whole beautiful exercise is already becoming a travesty of a mockery of a sham.

In fact, the pro-Trump GOP majority that runs the Senate and is so eager to acquit the president as quickly and with as little political pain as possible is using the cover of tradition and alleged decorum to craft anti-democratic procedures. They will make it difficult for the media to cover impeachment and relate it back to the American public, and shield too much behind locked doors or archaic rules — all with the goal of avoiding close scrutiny of a process rigged from Day One.

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  1. RN... One thing about the Dems in 1996, they admitted that Clinton was wrong, and then said but... his behavior does not rise to the level of impeachment. I can't believe there are no Republicans who can or will openly say this about Pres Trump?

    That's the bigger problem in my opinion. I think a legit argument can be made for not removing him, but then you've got to say at least he acted inappropriately.

  2. Trump himself bragged that he could shoot someone in downtown NY and his base would
    accept it as fine with them. The TwitterEmperor therefore is free to be Hitler, Caligula,
    Stalin, Nero, Svengali, king, and Royal Asshole...Dershowitz has stated as much. That the
    Senate accepts this as business as usual is simply a disgrace and an affront to reason.
    We know only that History will treat him as the above mentioned "leaders' and damn his
    sycophants as incredibly naïve. We are becoming a sad joke to the rest of the World.

  3. The day arrived (3 yrs ago) when the USA, once considered a principled and moral nation, started to lose its moral authority. Now with the GOP senate licking Trump's boots and Trump pushing the envelope well beyond what any rational and reasonable person can accept we have lost any and all moral authority.

    Trump is a sick, unprincipled, narcissistic orange blob of evil.

  4. You folks should stock up on Kleenex tissues this week.


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