Friday, November 1, 2019

Impeachment... An Excercise in Futility With Today's Anti Anerican GOP...

What follows is likely the scenario on, and end result of, impeaching Donald J. Trump. Odds are probably less than zero that the Senate's cultist Trump republicans would vote for removal of the most corrupt president of modern times.
It is sad indeed. But understand this is no longer your parents or grandparents America. And if Trump is not removed and is reelected, a distivt possibility, America will never ever be that America again.
A time when America really was GREAT.
The evidence against Trump is overwhelming. This Ukraine quid pro quo wasn’t just a single reckless phone call. It was a multiprong several-month campaign to use the levers of American power to destroy a political rival.
Republican legislators are being bludgeoned with this truth in testimony after testimony. They know in their hearts that Trump is guilty of impeachable offenses. It’s evident in the way they stare glumly at their desks during hearings; the way they flee reporters seeking comment; the way they slag the White House off the record. It’ll be hard for them to vote to acquit if they can’t even come up with a non-ludicrous rationale.
And yet when you get outside Washington it’s hard to imagine more than one or two G.O.P. senators voting to convict.

In the first place, Democrats have not won widespread public support. Nancy Pelosi always said impeachment works only if there’s a bipartisan groundswell, and so far there is not. Trump’s job approval numbers have been largely unaffected by the impeachment inquiry. Support for impeachment breaks down on conventional pro-Trump/anti-Trump lines. Roughly 90 percent of Republican voters oppose it. Republican senators will never vote to convict in the face of that.
Second, Democrats have not won over the most important voters — moderates in swing states. A New York Times/Siena College survey of voters in Arizona, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin found that just 43 percent want to impeach and remove Trump from office, while 53 percent do not. Pushing impeachment makes Democrats vulnerable in precisely the states they cannot afford to lose in 2020.
Third, there is little prospect these numbers will turn around, even after a series of high-profile hearings.
I’ve been traveling pretty constantly since this impeachment thing got going. I’ve been to a bunch of blue states and a bunch of red states (including Kansas, Missouri, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Utah). In coastal blue states, impeachment comes up in conversation all the time. In red states, it never comes up; ask people in red states if they’ve been talking about it with their friends, they shrug and reply no, not really.
Prof. Paul Sracic of Youngstown State University in Ohio told Ken Stern from Vanity Fair that when he asked his class of 80 students if they’d heard any conversation about impeachment, only two said they had. When he asked if impeachment interested them, all 80 said it did not.

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  1. Les... I'm under no illusion that the GOP will vote to remove Pres Trump. In the Clinton Impeachment, not one Dem grossed the aisle to support the motion, although 5 GOP Senators voted not guilty on the first article. I do think there might be a few GOP Senators this time that might vote guilty, but we'll see. He will not be removed. But I think the Dems are good to make the Senate and Congress go on record.

    The question is this... Do we want a President like this in office?

    I think a few GOP votes are the best the Dems can hope for.

    Here are my two bell weathers... Senators Murkowski (R) from Alaska and Joe Manchin (D) of West Virginia. I think they both will vote against their parties.

    1. To specifically answer your question -- YES! The MSM isn't giving America a clear picture of the extent the Obama Administration weaponized every agency against Americans. This whole thing is about to explode wide open to the point the MSM cannot run cover for him. Trump, a non politician and very successful business man who knows how to street fight, is giving some people pause. I believe Trump is exactly the embodiment of the Tea Party movement (with knuckles). The deep state is being drained and soon the justice phase of those who participated in these witch hunts. Break out the popcorn.,

    2. Rosey... I'll give you this... Pres Trump is a street fighter. Is he a successful business man? You tell me. He has, depending on the source, declared bankruptcy 4-6 times. Is that successful? Or is it manipulating a system to avoid paying his debts?

      He certainly is the embodiment of the Tea Party movement, a movement that at its roots made some sense, but like the far left folks, see Code Pink, has become nothing more than a group of angry Americans who do not believe in multiparty government.

      I get that some, you included, want a president like Donald Trump. Are you able to get that many other, even some in your camp, would like a president with his policies, but not his attitude?

      Conservatives for years complained that Pres Obama and the US was not respected overseas. Do you think we are respected overseas now? Do you think the Kurds respect us? How about people from the Ukraine? Conservatives for years complained about lying Hillary, and I don't disagree, never having voted for her. But I fail to see how getting your own liar in chief solves that problem.

      You've got game though... few will straight up answer a question. So I'll offer up another for you.

      Is it wrong for a US President to ask a foreign government to help him or her defeat a rival in a US election?

      And I should say that I'm willing to accept that you may believe Pres Trump did not do that. I'm just looking for that first Tea Party/Trump supporter who will actually just answer the question.

  2. Frankly Dave I'm beginning to think at the end of the ordeal, after millions are spent on the process and America is torn further apart, nothing at all will be changed.

    What is occurring is but a statement by democrats for the history books. Hopefully future generations will learn from the nation's experience during the Trump nightmare. But I REALLY doubt it.


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