Thursday, July 19, 2018

Understanding Conservatives...

The truth about conservatives

Conservatives tend to focus on the negative

Conservatives have a stronger physiological response to threat

Conservatives fear new experiences

Conservatives’ brains are more reactive to fear

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  1. They are an unusual species; living in a world of their own , free from fact and reason. They thrive among their own and all others are enemies.

  2. A stark and CHILLING reality BB Idaho.

    It does explain the reason for my own movement away from the conservative movement and the Republican party over a period of years. I've become happier and more settled as a result.

  3. I'm not sure I understand how that all explains the hypocrisy, lies, irrationality, and stupidity of their policies and decisions.

    Certainly Trump's mind goes beyond the four traits you listed and the author explained. Trump is much more a psychotic than those traits could be responsible for.

    Could a deep level of these negative traits produce the absence of reality in Republican's thinking, that they have proven they live in?

    Other negative traits like selfishness and greed must be added to make policies and decisions so harmful to the American people. The ability to deny reality must be present to deny obvious realities like global climate change, or that a trade war will be very harmful to America.

  4. I think it boils down to some primary drivers, irrational self interest, greed (which is a direct result of long term irrational self interest), and fear of losing socio economic superiority.

  5. There are three separate, although somewhat connected, issues here.
    1. Who is Trump? Russian operative?
    2. Who are Republican politicians? Self-serving opportunists?
    3. Who are Trump supporters? Government haters only interested in disruption of the status quo?

    It has long been said that destruction of democracy will come from within rather than from outside. Are we at the beginnings of that?

  6. Are we living in Orwellian times, where 'doublethink' and 'doubletalk' are not only rampant, but successful? “Drain the swamp” - replace professionals in the government agencies with business
    buddies and big contributors. The swamp is gone, replaced by vapid toxic desert of enthusiastic yes-men. Shred the “Deep State”. Replaced by a shallow state a glitzy propaganda machine which
    supports nothing, (except to grasp and hold power) to the dismay of the rest of the world and the satisfaction of our enemies. Yet, as this process proceeds, it is suported by 68% of a hapless polticial party. A party of former great principle turned into nodding lapdogs. The 'how' is obvious – the 'why' unexplainable. Then as I flipped through TV channels, an elderly sage replied to the question (and I paraphrase) “ For starters, there needs to be a national investigation to determine how many of us were dropped on our heads in our early youth.”

    1. BB: I think a swap in which all possible water volume is replaced with toothy slimy alligators is "drained" in a way, right?

    2. Sadly BB I think, wait, I absolutely know the answers to your opening questions are yes.

      Trump has conned a significant segment of our nation and because of our system he is able to successfully change our country in a reactionary direction for a couple of generations if not forever.

      tRump must go. 2018 and 2020 will be critical.


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