Friday, December 29, 2017

Expecting the Trend to Continue...

We note that even when erring on the plus side and giving all categories the +2.9% only Republicans and White Evangelicals approve of the way Trump is handling his job as of November 2017.

The trend line has been heading south (in all categories) since February 2017 and there are no indications that will change anytime soon.

Hopefully the American people continue to grow in understanding Trump lacks maturity, understanding, integrity, vision, and so much more. As leader and head of the Republican party it is deserving of absorbing the disillusionment of the majority of the American people in 2018 and 2020.



  1. RN... even those two demographics, GOP voters and white evangelicals, are having at least some slippage.

    The question we still need answered is this... will the current group of GOP voters ever come to the realization that...

    1. While they've slammed Hillary Clinton for years for not being truthful, they've voted themselves for a(nother) liar. And

    2. Our standing with our allies is way worse off then it was when Barack Obama was our president and the reason for that is because the man they voted for, the man who was supposed to restore the strength of those alliances, is responsible for the biggest drop in international confidence in the US in years.

    1. If the trend continues in the same southerly direction perhaps 2018 flips both houses of congress. If so, on to 2020 to remove the figurehead dotard.

  2. Trump is not like a Bush, or a Dole. He does not represent the party as a whole and in fact he ran against the Republican party as part of the problem of politics in America. I hope and believe Trump will lose his next election, but that does not mean Republicans around the country will lose elections and Republicans still have the gerrymandered edge. We cannot say, so goes Trump, so goes the Republican party. The people (even those who voted for Trump) understand his difference from the Republican party they have known for decades. It's misguided for Democrats to get giddy because Trump is falling apart. They have reason to celebrate Muller's investigation and Ryan possibly leaving the House.

    1. There are your claims, W... And then there's facts.

      You said:

      "He does not represent the party as a whole"

      83% of Republicans approve of Trump. Yeah, that's not 100%... But it is close enough for "as a whole".

      The divide, the "difference" between the GOP and Trump is less than 20%, small enough to not count.

      Trump is GOP, GOP is Trump.

      Yes, the Dems can indeed be giddy, as the Republicans and Trump are too much in lockstep for the Republicans to say "Oh? He wasn't our guy" when he falls.

  3. The Republican party owns Trump. They supported an immature, irresponsible, egocentric, inept political leader who happens to be a huge liar. If the Republican party has any integrity left after embracing Trump they will groom a candidate in the party to challenge him in 2020 and wholeheartedly support him or her. But we both know they don't and won't.

    1. Integrity? What integrity? This is the same party that supported Nixon through all the proven lies up till the night before he was going to be voted to be impeached. The same party that put up a guy for election that had multiple credible accusations that he was a pedophile. The same party that killed children's health insurance, that will certainly cause deaths.

      This party will do anything including cozening up to a now president they had no good things to say about during the primaries.

      Republican leadership is happy about their new disaster of a tax bill, it's Ryan's tax bill dream of the last 10 years, but they can't be happy that it's the only piece of serious legislation they have passed since Trump's election.

      Sure, they will support him until he gets indited for a crime, or impeachment looks eminent, then they will drop him like a hot potato and there will not be any lingering good words for him like the party had for Nixon.

      Then the Republican party will be split for decades and the 30% that supported Trump will go back to being the crazies they have been for a century. It's going to get uglier, but in the end it will be a healthy purge of the rabid conservatism that has divided our people and bankrupted our country.

  4. WD has some good points, especially about Trump not being a true Republican. The problem is that the GOP was/is the party of "if you disagree with what someone is doing, and don't publicly say it, you really agree." See terrorism, Islam and antiwar protestors.

    So using the standard they themselves have pushed for years, if they have no public disagreement with Trump, they own him, lock, stock and misogyny included.

    Yes the GOP has a gerrymandered edge, but only, according to the experts, about 5% in each district. A big enough wave could beat that.

    In the end, 2018 is gonna be interesting...

  5. Sometimes, especially right now, it seems that opposition democrats are more interested in negative messaging rather than positive messaging. Guess I can't blame then though, republicans have been doing it successfully for years. But it sure would be great if America was more interested in substance and less in hype(rbole).

    Yes, 2018 IS certainly going to be very interesting Dave.


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