Monday, November 13, 2017

More On The Unfolding Saga Of Roy Moore And Sexual Misconduct...

Given the recent allegations of sexual misconduct by Roy Moore with underage girls, the incidences of abuse of power in the attempt to secure sexual favors from women this weblog provides the following snippets with hot links to the quoted articles for your perusal and consideration.

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Now for the snippets.

Kellyanne Conway spent several minutes Sunday morning refusing to say whether she believes the four women who have accused Alabama’s GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore of sexual misconduct, including one who just 14 years old at the time. Again and again, Conway would only say to ABC News’ This Week host Martha Raddatz that Moore should step aside “if the allegations are true.” But then, toward the end of the conversation, she went a step further. “If there’s anyone currently in public office who has behaved that way to any girl or woman, maybe they should step aside. In a country of 330 million people, we ought to be able to do better than this,” Conway said.

More HERE.

Yesterday I wrote that Roy Moore’s behavior was in keeping with hardcore conservative evangelical culture of sanctioned patriarchal sexual abuse. I have also stated that the release of the Access Hollywood tape almost certainly actually helped Trump with some evangelicals because, despite being a philandering adulterer, Trump established a more fundamental cultural rapport with their moral value system. I have similarly pointed that that the abuses of the Harvey Weinsteins of the world, far from being the product of liberal sexual revolution, are the product of patriarchy and capitalism, and that conservative religious orthodoxy tends to amplify rather than curtail the abuse.

These are admittedly controversial positions. But they’re also hard to refute after today’s polling shows that 37% of Alabama evangelicals are actually more likely to vote for Roy Moore after hearing the allegations against him, and 34 percent said it would make no difference:


After the release of Bill O'Reilly, the Media has been gunning for Sean’s head. If only they knew how to use a gun they’d have a fighting chance. Clearly they don’t know the man, he loves a battle.

For months, Sean has been dodging bullets in the form of falsified reports of sexual harassment. Stories flooded in from all directions, only to be later retracted. Now, the Liberal Advocacy Group publicly called on advertisers to boycott Sean Hannity's show after he revealed his cure to erectile dysfunction live on-air.

On his show, Sean told a story about a conversation he had with a former host, Bill O'Reilly. He said Bill gave him some of these Testo-Max HD capsules he has been raving about. Bill called them "Boosters", they allow him to bang for hours and hours -- at will. Sean went on air and stated "I've tried them all - Viagra, Levitra, you name it - they don't work like this stuff. And I feel great when I take them. It gives me a little boost of energy also. The very first time I tried Testo-Max HD, I was impressed how good it worked, amazing stuff.”

After the episode aired, media went ballistic. These statements combined with other accusations gave the left the ammunition they were looking for. Rachel Maddow didn't hesitate to blast him on her show... “I am happy Sean and the other guys at Fox all brag about this Testo-Max HD for their “downstairs problem”, but this is unprofessional, and he needs to be OUSTED!”


The Hannity article isn't really about sexual misconduct but it does speak to the issue addressed in the second linked article. At least in our view here at RN USA.

More as the story unfolds and or new allegations are made.

Tomorrow's edition will feature a Trump position that in our view makes logical sense and is deserving of serous consideration and why.


  1. Les... add this to the list of supposed left wing liars standing against the good judge...

    Local officials in Gadsden, Alabama have been aware of Moore and his stalking of female teenagers at the Gadsden Mall... aware enough to ban him from that mall.

    Here's the link...

    And yet the Alabama GOP still stands behind him, which I guess is better than in front of him.

  2. Thanks for the link Dave.

    With more of the GOP lining up asking, or suggestibg, he step aside maybe he'll decide to do the right thing. But given his history regarding ethical and moral behavior the best bet remains on unlikely.

  3. Dave Miller, @ RN, Two Assholes , and Queens just made for each other

  4. Jose... at least your math is better than the George sock puppet... now, if you could only comment intelligently on the post...

    Is is even remotely possible, or do you just semi exist to try and insult your way to relevance?

    1. Thanks Dave. These sock puppets like Jose and George from WYD weblog, or flying monkeys if you like, have nothing of value or anything intelligent to say. Their complete and total purpose distraction to derail every thread.

      As for relevance? They are seen as highly relevent by their fellow Trumpanzees and Bannonites. While there are intelligent conservatives and republicans since Trump hit the scene it seems they have grown fewer and farther between.

  5. Les... here in Nevada, after yesterday when even McConnell, Hatch and others said Moore had to go, Dean Heller came forward to say after much thought and reflection, Moore should go "IF" it can proved he is/was guilty.

    McConnell said he believes the women. Security at the Gadsden Mall banned the guy because of his chasing after teenagers. Most of the major newspapers in Alabama are calling for him to go away. Even Paul Ryan found a spine.

    And yet Dean Heller says "IF".

    Because he is afraid of losing the few Trump voters he still has in his corner in Nevada.

    What a profile in courage.

  6. Moore should go "IF" it can proved he is/was guilty.

    It is questionable whether or not Moore's alleged dalliances and alleged sexual misconduct of 40 years ago can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt in the minds of these folks regardless the preponderance of circumstantial evidence that exits. They simply do not want to accept that one of their owncould be capable of such behavior.

    I suppose the fact he was banned from the mall for chasing teenagers is just more "fake news" to them and the mal ownership and management are just mindless libtards on the same "witch hunt" as the politicians and gubermint they have chosen to despise.

    For many of these folks it has nothing to do with ethics or morality because getting their conservative "evangelical" agenda in place is ALL that matters to them. They are now, and likely always will be, unwilling to even weigh the evidence that reasonable people would very likely consider damning enough to support him being forced to step aside, and certainly not voting for him if he refuses.

    When winning an agenda eclipses the belief that character and integrity is important there will be no profile in courage from such individuals..

  7. Les... now Sean Hannity has given Moore to better explain his alleged actions. It seems as if even the venerable host on FOX News has realized there is little defense of Moore and that the accusers are telling the truth.

    Or, like some may charge, he too has now become part of the swamp known as The Washington Establishment.

    The clock is ticking on this. It's like when the allies landed on Normandy Beach. Once they got on the continent, the war was won, it was just a matter of time. Now that McConnell is on record as believing the women, as are many other GOP Senators, and the scion of FOX News, it is just a matter of time.

    Either Moore will back out, or the GOP will go down in the flames of a self induced potentially mortal wound.

    1. Yes, Moore as of this AM is still saying he won't step aside, even given the rising tide of awareness among folks that he is very likely guilty of the allegations.

      Whether he backs out or stays in and gets himself elected his political career for all intents and purposes is over. There is even talk of the senate removing him should he get elected. Or so I've read somewhere.

  8. Did you hear of this robocall in which a very Jewy sounding reporter (named "Bernie Bernstein") supposedly representing the NYP offers 5-7k for women who'll come forward with allegations against Moore (allegations they won't look into)? I tuned into Morning Joe and they were laughing at the ridiculousness of it. Maybe this is just the depths people fighting a "spiritual battle" are willing to stoop to.

    1. It just occurred to me that JEWS are who are at the heart of the "Cultural Marxism" conspiracy theory. Me, I didn't notice it at first (the Jewishness of the voice behind the robocall). It was someone on Morning Joe who pointed it out. Now I'm thinking, yeah, it would HAVE to be NYP JEWS behind this conspiracy to FRAME Roy Moore... in the minds of the trumpian conspiracy-minded biogt, that is. People like FT. An individual with whom you still (idk why) try to have an intelligent conversation with (or "kiss his ass", as I put it on the WYD blog).

    2. I kiss no ones ass Devish. Neither Shaw's as the cons allege or FreeThinke as the libbies allege. Including you apparently. BTW, haven't perused WYD of late.

    3. I shall retract the "kiss his ass". The way I put it in my comment above ("try to have an intelligent conversation with") is a better description, I think. Still seems to me that he expects politeness for others and will OCCASIONALLY respond to questions if queried politely. But most of the time, even when you (RN) are being polite and respectful, he's still an ass. He doesn't deserve your politeness, respectfulness, or attempts to engage in actual conversation, imo. You must think it's worth it.

    4. It's only worth it if he consistently responds intelligently, with respectfulness, and politely. This remains to be seen. But I really don't see the value in reverting back to responding in kind (any longer) when he (or others) respond like a jackass. They are what they choose to be and unless they want to change they won't.

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. Deleted comment above was not a response to what you just wrote, it was a correction to my prior comment. "he expects politeness FOR others" should have been "he expects politeness from others". I don't know why he thinks I should be polite to him when he replies to me (and others) with homophobic and disgusting "poems". They do NOT want to change. Trump was the candidate they've been waiting for for a long time. Someone to express the racism and bigotry they've been feeling all their lives. Especially during the last 8 years when the president was BLACK and also (not) a Muslim (see Lisa's post "It was you Obama").

      BTW, despite saying awhile ago that I saw no value in reading/commenting on that blog, I have found some. It is interesting to observe how the other side thinks. In this case, as was the case with Obama, it turns out to be worse than I could imagine. The racism during Obama's tenure, and now the cultishness in regards to Trump. He can do no wrong in their eyes. Even when shown to be obviously outright lying/betraying campaign promises (which he NEVER intended to keep) they simply DO NOT CARE.

  9. Dervish... remember it was the Bush Campaign in 2000 who robocalled people in So Carolina informing them that Senator McCain had an illegitimate black child, trying to scare them into voting for W?

    Robo calls are used by both sides, but the GOP has a particularly bad track record.

    1. Of course. and 4 Republican operatives were convicted and sent to prison related to the 2002 New Hampshire Senate election phone jamming scandal (they example that immediately sprang to me mind, although there are others).

      Repubs obviously think dirty tricks are just a part of the game. I suppose there is some of that on both sides, but the Republican side seems worse to me. Especially given the massive effort on their side to disenfranchise voters in this past presidential election (Link is to a post on my blog I wrote in response to your comment here "I've seen no one credible saying there was any fraud in this election". Something I note because I don't think you ever saw my previous reply).

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. I happen to believe the women and the members of the community who told us about Moore's behavior towards teenagers back then. That leaves people to come to a different conclusion, or even cast a politically motivated and morally bankrupt vote for Moore. That would seem unlikely and I would like to think the people have better sense, but Trump won, so nothing will surprise me, just disappoint me.


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