Tuesday, February 7, 2017

GOP Making It Easier to Hack and Suppress...

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With trump as our president, a man no one should trust, and the legislative branch firmly in republican/conservative control is it surprising this happened? Or that is was and remains largely unknown by the American electorate.?

Never a conspiracy theorist it has become increasingly difficult not to believe and accept that voter suppression, rather than voter fraud, is the greater threat by far to our democratic republic.

In a little-noticed 6-3 vote today, the House Administration Committee voted along party lines to eliminate the Election Assistance Commission, which helps states run elections and is the only federal agency charged with making sure voting machines can’t be hacked. The EAC was created after the disastrous 2000 election in Florida as part of the Help America Vote Act to rectify problems like butterfly ballots and hanging chads. (Republicans have tried to kill the agency for years.) The Committee also voted to eliminate the public-financing system for presidential elections dating back to the 1970s.

“It is my firm belief that the EAC has outlived its usefulness and purpose,” said Committee chair Gregg Harper (R-MS), explaining why his bill transfers the EAC’s authority to the Federal Election Commission. 

Thirty-eight pro-democracy groups, including the NAACP and Common Cause, denounced the vote. “The EAC is the only federal agency which has as its central mission the improvement of election administration, and it undertakes essential activities that no other institution is equipped to address,” says the Brennan Center for Justice.

This move is particularly worrisome given reports that suspected Russian hackers attempted to access voter-registration systems in more than 20 states during the 2016 election. Moreover, the Presidential Commission on Election Administration set up by President Obama in 2014 outlined an “impending crisis” in voting technology and the Brennan Center found that 42 states used voting machines in 2016 that were at least a decade-old and at risk of failing. The EAC was the agency tasked with making sure these voting systems were both modernized and secure.


It’s particularly ironic that the Trump administration is preparing to launch a massive investigation into nonexistent voter fraud based on the lie that millions voted illegally while House Republicans are shutting down the agency that is supposed to make sure America’s elections are secure. It’s more proof of how the GOP’s real agenda is to make it harder to vote.    



  1. Ironic: if an agenda is so bad that it can't win a majority, rig the system. Seems to be the new realpolitik, a discussion of which usually involves Bismark, Hitler, Nixon and Kissinger. We presume the latest
    version could be termed 'realtweet'.

    1. We presume the latest version could be termed 'realtweet'.


      It is hard to believe that supposedly intelligent people supported trump and his agenda. It is even harder to understand how supposedly intelligent people can continue to support him after observing him in action since 20 January.

      It's certainly not all trump as the GOP has supported the jackass and as the article clearly points out the party clearly supports making our nation a less democratic republic.

      Sad... It wasn't always this way.

  2. It use to be about statesmanship and country. Now it is money and power. Election finance reform is the only way to change it.

    1. Getting rid of CI would be a good start. Is that going to happen? No. Why? Money is power and power always flows to money.

      Our democratic republic is steadily being eroded away. (t)rump is all the proof one needs.

    2. CI? Are you talking about Citizens United (CU)?

  3. Hillary show every one the path

    1. That may or may not be. However, this post is NOT about HRC.

      Come back when you have something pertinent to the post.

  4. Breaking news:
    In her first official act, Education Secretary DeVos just cancelled subject-verb agreement.

    1. Maybe so Jose can pass english next year?

    2. Rumors are she is going to buy a public school to see how they work.

    3. That's Becky DeVos according to supporter Rusty S. He knows she's just the right person for the job because he has read up on her extensively. Despite the fact that he missed that her first name is actually Betsy.


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