Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Conservatism In The Age Of The Tea Party and trump...


People so close minded the vice grip on their brain has rendered them unable to think beyond conservative platitudes and hyperbole. Breitbart and InfoWars often constitute their base of knowledge.

Merriam Webster:  not willing to consider different ideas or opinions :  having or showing a closed mind  - He's becoming increasingly closed-minded in his old age.


  1. Watch the trumpanzees double and triple down on their alternative facts, fake news, and foolish and ignorant belief that trump is Their Savior.

  2. It just keeps getting more hilarious with each passing day as we observe the mocking worldwide as his disapproval rating at home heads south, now well below water.

  3. The New England Patriots, whose top three, Kraft, Belichick, and Brady are yuuuuuge (t)rump supports win Super Bowl LI in spectacular fashion. Greatest comeback in Super Bowl history and fist in sudden death overtime.

    How long will it take before (t)rump finds a way to take credit for the win?

    Anyway, CONGRATULATIONS Patriots on a great comeback and Title #5 win for Brady and team!

    1. ... first in Super Bowl history... not fist.

  4. trump is showing signs of both emotional and mental dysfunction. Psychiatrists believe trump to be dangerously mentally ill and unfit to be president.


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