Friday, September 2, 2016

It Can't Be Happening In The USA...

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Does the above give pause to Americans who are presently inclined to support Trump? Sane people, republicans and democrats alike, who sense the very real danger of a Trump presidency surely hope so. It is unlikely the uneducated, undereducated, xenophobic, and truly frightened Americans presently supporting Trump will change their minds. If America is still the America that once set us apart from the rest we have nothing to fear as Trump will be soundly defeated in a landslide. If not and he wins the presidency relocation is always an option.

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On a different but related issue. With update.


  1. Replies
    1. The link was to David Bossie a long time political operative of the Lee Atwater school
      of politics. Mr. Bossie also brought us Citizens United.

  2. Trump has proven definitively that his campaign appealing to White Nationalists is no coincidence, but their strategy with the hiring of Bannon. Although, I guess there are people planning on voting Trump who refuse to acknowledge this fact. People who aren't hardcore racists but have just decided they're not going to believe that Trump is running a campaign designed to appeal to the so-called "alt-right".

  3. Sound assessments by all. Based on the first two paragraphs of the Wikipedia description, I despise the "alt right".

    1. Guess who likes the alt-right. According to this person, Breitbart was an interesting alternative news-site (although, that was before Bannon signed onto the Trump campaign and became a Trump "campaign mouthpiece").

    2. Interesting point, though it is about an irrelevant blogger who is no longer around here, and is off somewhere sawing off the tree branch he is sitting on.

    3. Off topic, but I've authored a commentary on this "interesting point" that some people might be interested in checking out.

  4. I guess that if your a anti white person like you are, you'd think that way.

    1. A) My family is white.
      B) Your assertion is groundless and therefore false.
      c) I am pro equal opportunity and pro equality
      D) From all appearances, here and elslewhere, you are apparently a reich wing sheels escapee from the asylum.

    2. And another Tom troll exits, this time to the tune of "Lawyers in Love".


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