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The Republican Party Has A Problem, It's Called Trump...

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If you are a republican, and or a conservative, the clarion call for party unity has went out, and, the pressure will mount for all to fall in line behind the presumptive nominee, Donald J. Trump.

Given Mr. Trump's inclination to xenophobia, misogyny, extreme nationalism, authoritarianism, and his recent racist comments with respect to Judge Curiel he has effectively put party leadership in a very tough spot.

It is necessary that a political party unite behind a standard bearer, one who represents and indeed personifies the party's values and principles. Uniting behind an effective and principled leader is considered a must if the party is to prevail in presidential elections.

Influential members of the GOP, including some in leadership positions have endorsed Trump. A few with principles have refused to endorse or openly support him. That is what leaders and others with courage do, they stand behind their values and principles, even if it may result in loss.

How the GOP can square their talk about inclusiveness, liberty, opportunity, and increasing the size of their tent while at the same time standing behind perhaps the most divisive political figure in the last 50 years is puzzling. It really does make one question republican party sincerity. Saying one thing and essentially acting the opposite damages credibility. Certainly in the minds of rational people.

What was once the party of Lincoln, T Roosevelt, and Reagan, is now the party of Trump. The party that could once plausibly argue it stood on principle, now has as its standard bearer a person that seemingly has few, if any at all. Speaker Paul Ryan, a man who hesitated endorsing Trump but ultimately did, is continuing to support Trump even in light of his racism. That my friends puts his own character and principles in question.

(CNN)House Speaker Paul Ryan reiterated his support Wednesday for Donald Trump at a closed door meeting with House Republicans and asked his colleagues to unite behind the presumptive Republican nominee, according to several members who attended the session.

Ryan's backing of Trump comes a day after he blasted the businessman's remarks about a federal judge as a "textbook definition of a racist comment."

Trumps comments have sparked a fury on Capitol Hill where many Republicans worry that Trump's racially tinged criticism of Judge Gonzalo Curiel could ultimately hurt down-ballot GOP candidates competing in congressional races this year.

Though Ryan didn't back away from his endorsement, he said he would continue to speak out when he believed the billionaire businessman makes inappropriate statements.

Ryan spokesman said the speaker did not "urge" the party to fall in line behind Trump but stressed the importance of unity.

Ryan "just reaffirmed his disagreement with the comment, respecting that the people have elected Donald Trump as our Republican nominee and what we're going to do is we're going to use our position in a positive way to help America out," said Rep. Tom Reed, R-N.Y.


Rep. Bill Flores, R-Texas, chairman of the Republican Study Committee, the largest conservative group in Congress, said Trump needs to "quit spending time bashing judges." He will vote for Trump, he said, but, "I don't endorse people that bash judges -- based on his ethnic heritage."

Rep. Mike Coffman, R-Colorado, who is facing a competitive race, has not endorsed Trump, and has said the presumptive nominee's comments on Curiel were "inappropriate."

"I just disagree with his tone. I just don't think you know his tone as far as Hispanics, his tone to women, and quite frankly, his tone to veterans. As a Marine Corps combat veteran," Coffman said.

Rep. Adam Kinzinger, R-Illinois, agreed with characterizations of Trump's comments as racist.

Indeed. The GOP has a problem and with America's changing demographics its problems will only continue to grow. Being totally insensitive and tone is evident within the GOP. It will likely be the party's death knell.

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  1. Trump is Burnt Toast
    Just like Free Stinkie is.

  2. Still trying to get a handle on the Trump rise, I googled [what is the cause of the Trump phenomenon].
    ..and was presented with 11,800,000 articles and opinions from Obama did it/its Al Franken's fault/some
    voters have a Stockholm Syndrome/talk radio is at fault/the decline of the middle class/immigrants/PC
    overdose/bailouts/healthcare/FoxNews/Big Biz/trade policy..etc. But the rub it seems, is that we all have
    familiarity and opinions on that range of issues..yet are divided on whether the GOP candidate is the
    Blessed Savior, or an egocentric dunce. So, back to the other 11,799,968 articles. I'm missing something.

  3. APP, please state, in a rational and thoughtful way just why YOU believe this to be true.

    Failing that we can only conclude you are empty between the ears.

    1. We leave that for you to figure out.

      We hope you don't short circuit as you contemplate the answer.

  4. I get your drift BB Idaho. Maybe the whole lot of us are missing something. But really? don't think so. But then again maybe it's just me. Who knows.

  5. The reason for Trump's rise is that sadly a significant portion of the American voting population agree with what he says. It is no more complicated than that.

  6. The concerns of a large segment of the population are very valid, they have essentially been left behind (economically and politically) and feel they have no voice. Mush of their declining economic status {think middle class) is through no fault of their own. Although you can plausibly argue it is because they voted in politicians that were responsible for the decline. Both tRump and Sanders have taped into these concerns, albeit from different perspectives. Both are playing to the feelings of uncertainty and BOTH are, to a greater or lesser degree, demogoguing their issues.

    It may be simple Jerry but the Psychology responsible for it isn't.


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