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The La Raza Connection...

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An exchange with one -FJ over at The Daddy Blog.

-FJ June 6, 2016 at 12:37 PM

LEFTISTS, they will NEVER admit their emperor is naked.

Like the Trump-judge story. Trumps raants make perfect sense when you know about the "La Raza" connection. But the Press never makes the connection. It's all a bad-faith by Trump "mystery"... much like all that Chicago gun violence.

Rational Nation USA June 6, 2016 at 1:32 PM

At least YOU gave a palatable response. Bias is everywhere and the vast majority, if not all, of the people are biased. Including conservatives and they, as well as liberals, lean towards their bias, reflexively for most.

Thanks for your response -FJ

If Trump becomes the right's Emperor, which is highly unlikely, I wonder if the right will ever admit he is naked.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) August 16, 2007

In an eleven minute Video News Blog, the Full Disclosure Network® presents --the news behind the news-- the last day of the National Council of La Raza convention in Los Angeles on July 11, 2006. This video reveals Karl Rove, White House connection to multi-national corporate sponsors behind the National Council of La Raza. Available free, on demand, 24/7 at this URL: Common goals?

Rove's remarks on this video offer possible explanations as to why he was designated to represent the White House and provides insight in to the Hispanic strategy to support sympathy for an "open border" policy. Also, the multi-national Corporate leaders describe their common goals with the National Council of La Raza (non-profit social, activist groups) Full Disclosure® discovered the coordinated effort of these forces at the NCLR convention where speakers and delegates describe the exciting prospect of nurturing, cultivating and encouraging the populous Hispanic forces in America to push for the following:

Merging the United States, Mexico and Canada into an economic union, Open Borders.

Free flow of capital, goods, labor, and services.

North American Economic Union aka "a common market economy."

To compete with the European Common Market.

The news behind the news:You judge for yourself by watching Full Disclosure Network's® coverage of the National Council of La Raza Convention. This video contains excerpts of presentations the mainstream media failed to cover.
Included in the video are:

Excerpts from Karl Rove, White House strategist on the Administration's failed Immigration reform policy.

Corporate sponsors of the event pitching to the Hispanic audience.

Reaction from a sampling of attendees representing Latino and migrant rights organizations.

Video clips interviews with the Nativo Lopez, president of MAPA a prominent retired Hispanic law enforcement official. L. A. County Sheriff's Sergeant Richard Valdemar.

Known as --the news behind the news-- the Full Disclosure Network® is featured on 45 cable television systems and streamed on the Internet at In 2002 the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences presented host Leslie Dutton with an Emmy for the 2001 public affairs series entitled L.A.'s War Against Against Terrorism. In 2000 the first Full Disclosure Forum was held in Washington D.C. entitled : The Prosecutor & The Presidency featuring former U. S. Attorneys General and Special and Independent Prosecutors on how America investigates the Presidency.

Interesting stuff. I guess what -FJ is pointing out is that he (and apparently Trump and many others) are isolationists and supportive of closed borders. 

Fact is it is possible at some point there may actually exist a North American Economic Union. What is critical is that when and if it ever does exist it is structured as a win - win for all. My thoughts are we just aren't that smart yet. Neither is Trump or -FJ et all.

Any thoughts all you good people out there?

Daddy regulars are welcome to comment as well. As long as comment is on topic, respectful, and observes comment criteria.


  1. Just another advocacy group. It is the current American phenom- you can find a group for/against big biz,
    for/against guns, for/against blacks, for/against school vouchers, for/against Jews for/against bailouts, for/against gays, etc. Many of them are lobbies. I guess you choose the ones you like and decry the ones you don't. Me, I support 'Doctors Without Borders and if there is a counter group it would have to be 'Non Drs.
    With Borders, no?

  2. Re: The accusation that Judge Curiel is a member of "LA Raza:"

    From Red State:

    The Dishonest Attempt to Associate Gonzalo Curiel with “La Raza”

    Anyway, in addition to Trump’s overtly racist attack on Curiel, in which Trump explicitly said that Curiel cannot be trusted to rule fairly on any case involving Trump or any of his companies solely on the basis of his Mexican heritage, both Trump and certain lazy/dishonest conservative bloggers have attempted to affiliate Curiel with “La Raza.”

    What they are attempting to do is associate Curiel with the National Council of La Raza, the radical left-wing and pro-illegal-immigration group that has gained significant notoriety in the news over the years as a group that is both anti-American and open to fomenting violent pro-immigration protests.

    Curiel, however, has no affiliation with this group whatsoever. He is a member of La Raza Lawyers of California – aka the Latino Bar Association of California. They have absolutely no affiliation with National Council of La Raza.

    There is NO association between the Indiana born judge and "La Raza."

    I wonder, would the sock puppets at the Daddy blog expect a judge with a German-heritage or a Scottish-heritage to recuse him or herself from the case because he or she would be prejudice. Trump's heritage is German and Scottish.

    Trump is a disgusting racist, even the leaders of his own party thinks so, not just the opposition. Who are the people who defend this freak of a candidate?

    1. Thanks, Shaw. Excellent point well presented.

  3. Trump deserves the criticism/derision he has received over both the Trump U fraud and the attempt to associate Curiel with the NCLA.

    With any luck Trump will simply self destruct. He is a thin skinned pathological liar that is unfit to be president .

    I would really like to see The Daddy Crew stop in, argue their beliefs, and present the " credible" evidence they seem to think exists. Of course we know that won't happen.

    I've been unable to find anything that suggest Curiel is anything but a ethical and competent judge.

    Thanks for linking to RS . We await the rebuttals.

  4. TRUMP IS MOST Definitely, and positively a RACIST.!
    Trump has doubled down on his accusations against an American judge of Mexican heritage, insisting that Judge Curiel could not give Trump a fair hearing nor could an American judge of Muslim heritage nor a female judge.

    (No one has asked Trump if an American judge of German or Scottish heritage could be impartial.)

    Trump doesn't sound like a presidential candidate, he sounds like a menacing capo di capo from a mafia organization.

    Lindsey Graham, who said Trump was the least qualified candidate to ever seek the GOP nomination (and who later endorsed this unqualified candidate), has now reversed himself again and said this:

    1. RN, the above comment was copied and pasted from my blog. The troll APP is some squirrelly whacko who has been doing this for months for gawd knows what psychological sick reason. I understand APP saturates the Stench Trench with this sort of copying and pasting, and now the troll is doing it here. Whatever. The Internet is full of all kinds of idiots, and AProud Progressive, who is NOT a progressive, is just another iteration of a mentally unstable jerk. Just so you know.

    2. I know Shaw. I laugh every time one of the "brainiacs" over at Lisa's claims it is you.

  5. If they do stop by RN, you can bet there will be plenty of yelling, indignation and name calling, but few facts.

    Remember, they like false facts over there...

    1. Says a Brainwashed Obama, and Hillary worshippers.

    2. This post is about, well you read it right?

      Anyway, it is not about Dave.

      BTW AG, had you taken the time to read Dave's many comments in which he questioned aspects of the Obama Administration as well as his position on HRC you would know he is far from brainwashed.

  6. I think we both know that none of them will Dave. Not only do they not concern themselves truth and facts they intentionally and knowingly spread falsehoods. To a person (and sock puppet) they are simply empty and very bitter. They cannot handle the changing USA so they are fighting to preserve the old bigoted older they apparently love. Make America Great AGAIN . Right?

    Their code word is soooo ovicious. So is their agenda.

  7. The very SAME REASON most of us absolutely HATE and REJECT Miss A Proud Progressive}. Shaw, This One, Liberalmann, OKJimm, Ducky, and the other loons of their same ilk.

    Those people NEVER say ANYTHING the least bit POSITIVE. They seem to live for the sole purpose of stupidly, viciously and MINDLESSLY denigrating anyone and everyone whose perceived ideology is not perfectly congruent with their own.

    For God's sake, RN, I thought you were better than they are, so please STOP APING the rest of your COMMIE friends.

    1. American Girl... Maybe you could post s thought of your own, unless you're a copy and paste sock puppet of Freethinke...

  8. AG, let me begin by correcting the record. APP is not Shaw of the weblog PE.

    Apparently you have no problem aping your "conservative" friend eh AG?

    After having spent years as a conservative business manager and member of the GOP (as well as being a delegate to the I state convention) the very party and political ideology I believed in for years is the very force that caused me to leave the party. The GOP and conservatism has become so corrupt and dishonest neither my intellect or conscience allows me to accept the current level of deceit. BTW, it is why I will be registering as an independent the rest of my days.

    Now AG, do you have a comment relative to post content? If so please offer it. If not, well, thanks for stopping by.

  9. Yes I do have a relevant question, after all that you have said about the "Conservative Party"
    Do you feel any different about the Democratic Party, aka the Liberal Party?

  10. First off, I do not affiliate with any political party any longer. I have not for the past 10 years.

    Secondly, in general no. Political parties are inherently self serving and therefore are susceptible to dishonesty. They all have their agendas, many which are rational and positive and many which are not. Each voting citizen should decide for themselves what each is.

    Currently the GOP and conservatives are demonstrably the most dishonest, most self serving, most hypocritical, and most dangerous to our (individual) freedoms, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. This is my considered opinion based on what I know to be factual.

    If and when a honest, principled conservative (like Governor Baker of MA) becomes the standard bearer of the GOP I will give strong consideration to voting for her or him.

    I find Johnson/Weld a ticket worth considering in 2016. As for Drumpf? Not in a million years! Even if he offered me a million dollars. Or, the Vice Presidency. :-)

    I do wish there was more critical thinking going on in American politics these days.

  11. Then how come you are a Progressiveass- ass-kisser?

    1. American, can you hold an intelligent conversation without resorting to foul language?

  12. I guess if considering factual data and recognizing invalid non factual data for what it is is being an a**kisser then I kiss the ass of truth.

    Now AG you have one last opportunity to submit credible and verifiable evidence supporting Trump's, -FJ's, yours and others assertions with respect to this post topic.

    More pointless and meaningless statements will be ignored

  13. So much for classical dialectics. We suspect the relation to Trumpian misarticulation, sometimes referred to as 3rd Grade bullyboy talk; it seems unusually widespread these days.

  14. He's never kissed my ass AG, and I'm as liberal and progressive as they get. And you seem like a moron. Love to see you prove my guess wrong. Your silly, comic-bookish caricatures of political figures and philosophies only further my initial opinion. Try being serious and putting out some substance.


  15. As a Liberal Progressive Democrat, I'd be opposed to a North American Economic Union. American jobs should be for American workers. Or those with work visas. Although I think we're issuing far too many. According to Trump "there should be a requirement that companies hire Americans before hiring foreigners from visa programs", which I agree with him on. If he isn't lying. Trump, I am 100 percent convinced, is saying whatever he thinks he needs to say to get votes. As for the wall it could cost "$25 billion or more, not including hefty maintenance costs". While "others claim that given the expense, along with myriad engineering, environmental, and legal obstacles, the wall simply can't be built". It's debatable how much good a wall would do in any case (even if it can be paid for and built) "because the majority of new illegal aliens are actually visa overstayers". If Trump were serious he'd be for comprehensive immigration reform, a path to citizenship, and "a national-level mandatory [e-verify] program". That wouldn't be palatable to the racists who want to round up all the illegals and deport them, however. And keep them out with an extremely expensive wall that will do nothing to stop the majority of illegal immigrations.

  16. Interesting. I pretty much agree. Whether tRump is serious certainly is questionable. Almost everything he says is questionable.


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