Friday, May 6, 2016

Trump Campaign Believes "Nobody Cares" About His Policies...

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Ever wonder why Donald (Drumpf) Trump gives few policy specifics. According to his campaign manager Lewandowski it is because nobody cares about such things. Except of course immigration.

When “Granite Grok” co-host Susan Olsen challenged Lewandowski as to why Trump has repeatedly praised universal, public health care systems, Lewandowski said that Trump’s stance on health care doesn’t matter because “nobody cares” about his specific policies on any issue — besides immigration.

Lewandowksi said that people should simply trust Trump rather than expect him to release any detailed plans.

Perhaps there is more than just a grain of truth in what Lewandowski said. While millions of patriotic Americans do care about the policies of a president and the effect they have on the world, the nation, themselves, and their families it is very likely that Lewandowski was referring specifically to the minority who support Trump.

How anyone can support Trump for president surely befuddles a rational individual.



  1. Clearly, Trump supporters do not care about policy. They probably think policy refers to their car insurance. Fortunately, the majority of voting Americans do care about policy which I'll lead to a humiliating defeat for Trump.

  2. "Lewandoski said that people should simply trust Trump rather than expect him to release any detailed plans."

    This is what a certifiable idiot would use as an excuse for an unqualified short-fingered vulgarian who knows nothing about domestic or foreign policy.

    Trump's latest for handling the U.S. debt? Default on treasury bonds. IOW, bankruptcy -- Trump is really, really good at that.

    It is worth noting that no GOP candidate in the history of presidential politics has been so hated by so many people in his own party. The Bushes won't endorse him, and the Speaker of the House won't either -- yet.

    Dick "Darth Vader" Cheney, however, has given The Trumper his full support. Who's surprised?

  3. Drumpf is simply not a likeable or a completely rational person. He is all about one thing... Drumpf. He is an kndividual that frankly no one should trust. Or, respect.


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