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Will Trump, if Nominated, Receive More Than 200 Electoral College Votes?...

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Donald (Drumpf) Trump at this stage of his presidential campaign has managed to achieve the lowest favorability ranking of any candidate regardless of party since 1984. For the man who really believes America wants his xenophobic, misogynist, and bigoted leadership it must be devastating for him to look at the facts. Facts which clearly shows much of America sees his brand of politics in a most unfavorable light.

Donald J. Trump’s presidential candidacy has stunned the Republican Party. But if he survives a late revolt by his rivals and other leaders to become the party’s standard-bearer in the general election, the electoral map now coming into view is positively forbidding.

In recent head-to-head polls with one Democrat whom Mr. Trump may face in the fall, Hillary Clinton, he trails in every key state, including Florida and Ohio, despite her soaring unpopularity ratings with swing voters.

In Democratic-leaning states across the Rust Belt, which Mr. Trump has vowed to return to the Republican column for the first time in nearly 30 years, his deficit is even worse: Mrs. Clinton leads him by double digits in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Mr. Trump is so negatively viewed, polls suggest, that he could turn otherwise safe Republican states, usually political afterthoughts because of their strong conservative tilt, into tight contests. In Utah, his deep unpopularity with Mormon voters suggests that a state that has gone Republican every election for a half-century could wind up in play. Republicans there pointed to a much-discussed Deseret News poll last month, showing Mrs. Clinton with a narrow lead over Mr. Trump, to argue that the state would be difficult for him.

Horse-race polls this early are poor predictors of election results, and candidates have turned around public opinion before. And the country’s politics have become so sharply polarized that no major-party contender is likely to come near the 49-state defeats suffered by Democrats in 1972 and 1984.

But without an extraordinary reversal — or the total collapse of whoever becomes his general-election opponent — Mr. Trump could be hard-pressed to win more than 200 of the 270 electoral votes required to win.

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Mr. Trump has become unacceptable, perhaps irreversibly so, to broad swaths of Americans, including large majorities of women, nonwhites, Hispanics, voters under 30 and those with college degrees — the voters who powered President Obama’s two victories and represent the country’s demographic future. All view him unfavorably by a 2-to-1 margin, according to a recent New York Times/CBS News poll.

Donald (Drumpf) Trump is out of step with the majority of Americans and he most certainly is blind to changing demographics and changing times. The Donald is likely the best thing to happen for democrats since Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

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  1. Perhaps the 'apprentice' will wake up and fire himself?

  2. Don't tell the Trumpbots at The Stench Trench about this; they'll have to be put on suicide watch. All of them are going all in for The Trumper, and they believe he's going to be the next preznit! That's how wacked out they are. I'm hoping The Trumper will choose Sarah Palin for his VP.

  3. Re the "Trumpbots at The Stench Trench": clearly they also really believe America wants xenophobic, misogynist, and bigoted leadership. It will "make America great again".

    If there are people who consider themselves Republican who disagree - they should have voted in the primaries. Yet Kasich is convinced that, even though he couldn't beat Trump in the primaries, he can beat Hillary in the general. Perhaps, but why should he get the nomination? As I recall, the "dmarks argument" says that people who don't vote are (by default) saying they are OK with who those who do vote select. If not, they would have voted. (btw, no "old bones" here, as I am expressing some agreement with dmarks on this).

  4. And as I have explained I have been unable to vote in the primaries for 9-10 years, having changed my republican affiliation to conservative (as I consider rational, reasonable, and principled conservatism to be). I refuse to re-register every other year just to vote in the primaries. I never miss a state or national general election.

    Looking forward to a contested GOP convention this summer!

  5. I wasn't referring to you specifically. I'm sure a lot of registered Republicans didn't bother to vote. Apparently they didn't want Kasich. For a candidate to win they have to get votes.


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