Thursday, April 14, 2016

When The Alternative Is Far Worse...

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The above excerpt from today's Boston Globe is spot on. While Trump (Drumpf), as odious as he is for a majority of Americans, Cruz is equally as odious and indeed far more dangerous to American civil liberties. The GOP field, with the exception of perhaps Kasich who doesn't stand a chance, is one of, if not the worst in modern GOP history. In fact, and it pains me to say this, the GOP is currently the best argument for voting democratic this year.

With his archaic views, ill-informed grasp of civil rights, and noxious ambition, Cruz shouldn’t be allowed any closer to the Oval Office than a White House tour. This is a man whose crowning achievement has been the 2013 government shutdown, which he engineered to force President Obama and the Democrat-led Senate to gut the Affordable Care Act. Of course, Obamacare remained intact, and what most people remember about their government being held hostage is Cruz reading “Green Eggs and Ham” during a 21-hour speech.

It was, as Josh Holmes, a former aide to Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell told The Washington Post, “like a toddler’s version of legislating.”

And as every toddler knows, if you act up long enough, you’ll get your way. In the case of Cruz, then a freshmen senator and a Tea Party darling, it was about juicing his national profile in preparation for the presidential run he is now inflicting on us. No wonder his fellow Republicans, blamed for the shutdown, are loath to support a man willing to torch his party and country in order to further his own career.
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  1. The culmination of catering to religious bigots, tea party know-nothings,
    billionaire contributors, racist militia types, rabid firearm owners,
    anti-government agitators, anti-union folk and the fools who believe their rights preclude all others rights. Now they offer two of their
    very best. Should they win we slide into a semi-fascist neofeudalism.
    If they lose, they either clean house or break up.

    1. ... and the fools who believe their rights preclude all others rights.

      That is it in a nutshell BB-Idaho.


    Remember this?

    Cruz is one selfish dude. Horrible man.


    1. Well jersey, it is what it is.

      Honestly I cannot recall one single thing Cruz has accomplished that I would consider positive.

  3. It is astonishing that the republican party has sunk to this depth. But the truth is that Ted Cruz is icky. He is short, truly ugly from years of being dickly, and smarmy if there is such a thing. His only appeal is that he caters to the extreme right-wing. I can't imagine Hillary losing to Cruz, or even for that matter, Sanders the commie, losing to Cruz. Trump has that fascist sex appeal for right-wing extremists, a little bit like Hitler. We're still talking 1930s Hitler. Not end-stage Hitler. I don't wish to compare him favorably to more sympathetic fascists such as Juan Perón, Benito Mussolini or Francisco Franco. These men were human beings. Mugabe perhaps?

    Trump could mount a hostile assault which, coupled with voter intimidation, republican political corruption and violence, might actually create a challenge to Hillary's campaign that would end in a Trump presidency. Remember, Bush wasn't exactly elected either!?!

    If Kasich wins, we can consider this as the beginning of republican healing. Fine with me. Let's just assume that he will be elected legally and most likely not with an overwhelming coattail effect on the Congress. Not that I like the guy, at all. They are all cut from the same cloth. The only difference being that he is a sane American.

  4. Neither Trump or Cruz offers any positives IMO. Both represent the worst of the republican party.

    Kasich is not exactly inspiring nor do I agree with some of his positions. But I kind of like the guy and have no doubt he is one hell of a lot superior to either Trump or Cruz. He is an American and his priority is to heal America and make it better. I'm not sure he has the depth to achieve it however. Perhaps neither does Sanders or HRC.


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