Sunday, April 3, 2016

Speaking of Gulibility...

Data shows that trickle down actually benefits those at the top of the income scale.


  1. ..and the resulting reduced revenues will produce "the largest, most powerful army the world has ever seen" and the Great Wall?

  2. Now don't go all spiritual on me Jersey!

  3. Re the last line of RN's post: of course trickle down benefits those at the top. Although that is something I'd have thought that RN, as a Libertarian, would be OK with. It is a lie, of course, but (setting the lie aside) the actual tax policy does allow people to "keep more of their own money".

  4. A Rational, Reasonable, and Fair (equitable) tax policy has always been my position Dervish. My issue has always been individual liberty, reduce and eliminate graft band corruption, eliminate special interest lobbying, nix crony capitalism and corporatism. Start with getting rid of Citizen United. And yes, at one point I supported CU, mistakenly so. call it a process of evolution. It worked for Obama in the eyes of many liberals/progressives.

  5. Polls show Kasich is the man who could beat Hillary. Republicans seem to be confused about the reality that Trump and likely Cruz as well will lose in head to head match up with either in the general. There is a reason for this. But folks like those at the Stench Trench are in a state of perpetual denial.

    1. It is debatable that Kasich could be Hillary.

      From "America's most widely read and influential magazine and web site for conservative news, commentary, and opinion", the National Review: Kasich's appeal to Republican voters and activists is so anemic that he has taken to joking he's in the wrong party's primary and posturing himself as a compromise between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. That's why he has never topped 6% in a single national poll, why he finished below 2% in Iowa despite being the only Midwesterner on the ballot in the caucuses, why his favorables with GOP voters have been consistently among the worst in the field (and sometimes have trended downward the more Republican voters get to know him), why he got squashed like a bug when he ran in 2000, and why his poll standing in NH is dependent almost entirely on his appeal to independents. A candidate who fares that poorly with his own party's voters is simply never going to draw the marginal voters out in November that the party needs. Even Kasich's landslide re-election win in 2014 relied more on depressed Democratic turnout than excited Republicans — fewer people voted for Kasich in 2014 than voted against legalizing marijuana on Election Day 2015, in an election with no statewide candidates on the ballot. (2/8/2016).

      Anyway... if Kasich SOMEHOW becomes the nominee... I say BRING ON the Trump 3rd party run... and guaranteed overwhelming Hillary victory.

    2. .... if Kasich SOMEHOW becomes the nominee... I say BRING ON the Trump 3rd party run...

      Hm, sounds like you might be a bit concerned. :)

      I say, whatever. So long as it isn't Drumpf or Cruz.

    3. He has to be the nominee before he can run. I'm going to hold off being "concerned" until he meets the first requirement to actually face off against the Democratic nominee (likely Hillary). As Rinse Prebass said, the likelihood of a contested/open primary is next to nil.

    4. Rinse Priebus would of course sing that line.

      He knows there is a possibility and the RNC is preparing for it.

      He did say there wouldn't be an entrance of an individual who's not currently running. He knows the possibility exists and it is a real one.

    5. We shall see. I can't see how there won't be some negative fallout that would effect Kasich's chances (if he steals the nomination from Trump). Do these polls that supposedly show him beating Hillary that that into account? Especially if Trump runs 3rd party (which I absolutely believe he should).

  6. Do these polls that supposedly show him beating Hillary that that into account?

    Don't know. You'll have to ask the pollster.


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