Friday, April 29, 2016

One Can Only Question...

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Can someone check on Glenn Beck? Is everything alright, buddy?

To make some vaguely anti-Donald Trump point, the conservative pundit rounded up some friends to completely and utterly humiliate themselves in front of the whole internet on Friday.

While donning swim goggles, Beck wondered aloud whether "If you stuck your face in Cheetos, you would look like Donald Trump in the end."



Via: Memeorandum


  1. Glenn was never okay in the head area. He, himself, said he was a recovering dirt bag and designated himself as a rodeo clown. I remember hearing him on the radio when I lived in Florida in the '90s and thinking he was a bit "off" in the head then. Fame only made him worse, hence this cheetos nonsense.

    It's a free country, so weirdos are free to make fools of themselves, and we are free to ignore them.

  2. I read Beck's first book, thought it was okay. He has been on an intellectual downhill every since. And a steep one I might add.


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