Sunday, March 27, 2016

More Unethical Misrepresentation By The Drumpf Campaign...

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Do these nut jobs ever think rationally or are they always dwelling in the land misrepresentation, fear, and political darkness?

THE HILL - A senior aide to the Donald Trump campaign said on Sunday that half a million U.S. girls are at risk for genital mutilation because of uncontrolled immigration.

"You want to talk about women’s issues? Here’s something we should be talking about,” said Stephen Miller. “It is a fact: As a result of uncontrolled migration into this country – you can look this up, it’s a statistic from Equality Now – half a million U.S. girls in this country are at risk of female genital mutilation.”

He immediately faced opposition from the rest of the panel, which included Neera Tanden, the president of the Center for American Progress, who said his comment is an example of the Trump campaign saying “something outrageous.”

The report he cited, issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, states that half a million women and girls in the U.S. are at risk because they were born in countries were female mutilation is a tradition or have parents who were born in those countries.

Quoting a statement from a reputable source such as the CDC when used in the proper context is absolutely acceptable. Quoting out of context for the purpose of advancing fear or misinformation is both disingenuous and unethical. Something Drumpf and his henchmen are most often wont to do.

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  1. They are probably at much less risk in this country than if they were in the country where their parents were born. Immigration is a benefit for them.

    1. Yeah, it sounds like an argument for more immigration!

      Trump is going to keep hammering on this, though. It's up to the American people to decide just what sort of people we really.

      Cruz is far worse. He's what Trump would be like if he really meant the awful shit he's saying.


    2. "Yeah, it sounds like an argument for more immigration!"

      Only if one thinks as immigrants as human beings. no better and no worse than the rest of us, Jersey.

      Of course, you realize that many (at least) in the hardcore anti-immigrant movement don't think so, or at least act like it.

      To them, "FGM" is fine and dandy, as long as it doesn't happen on our shores.

    3. Immigrants are actually superior, because immigration (legal and illegal) tends to drive down wages. Which is why Libertarians support it. Also why Conservatives support it, even if they pretend not to (because they xenophobic base demands it).

      As for female genital mutilation, I, as a "regressive Leftist" view anyone who speaks against it as engaging in "imperialistic condescension". Or so some blogger who used to comment here claims. I'm actually very much opposed to it. Not that I think a HALF MILLION girls here are at risk due to "uncontrolled immigration". That sounds like classic Rightwing fearmongering to me.

  2. Never thought of it that way, Jerry. Good point.


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