Thursday, March 24, 2016

Exposing The Donald...

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The following excerpt of an article written by Brent Budowsky and published in The Hill is spot on in defining Donald Trump as well as the strategy his opponents should use to defeat him.

A “Trump the loser” branding strategy would weave undisputed facts into a compelling narrative that voters understand.

When Trump the loser created businesses that went bankrupt, he turned workers and investors who trusted him — as Caesar trusted Brutus — into victims who lost their jobs and money because they believed in him.

When Trump the loser makes money from sales of clothes made in low-wage China and complains that wages for Americans are too high, those deals helped make China great, not America. In his low-wage deals on foreign-made clothing, Trump was a friend to American workers the way Benedict Arnold was a friend to the original tea party patriots.

When repeated polls show Trump the loser being overwhelmingly defeated by Hillary Clinton and by Bernie Sanders, his contagious losing will turn GOP members of the House and Senate into losers for having to defend or support him. When he falsely claims numerous polls show him defeating Clinton in November, Trump the loser becomes Trump the liar.

When Vladimir Putin toys with Trump’s vanity by praising him, Trump the loser reciprocates by praising Putin effusively even when he is asked about rumors that the Russian strongman has ordered the murder of journalists.

When Trump tells The Washington Post the day before a terror attack in Brussels that NATO is not as good a concept as it used to be, and that he is afraid of starting World War III by opposing Russian aggression in Ukraine and Chinese aggression in the South China Sea, Trump the loser would make Putin and Chinese aggressors the winners. No wonder more than 100 Republican national security leaders warned that Trump is unfit to be commander in chief.

While Trump the loser spent more than 20 years praising Clinton — as recently as 2012, when she was finishing her tenure as secretary of State, which he then praised with admiration — he now claims he did so because he was an influence-peddling businessman currying favor with her.

When Trump the loser keep his tax returns secret, is this the public relations equivalent of a witness taking the Fifth Amendment on grounds of self-incrimination? Perhaps the self-proclaimed great dealmaker doesn’t want voters to learn some details about the deals he brags about so often.

Elizabeth Warren is right. Trump is a loser.

Truth is Trump's enemy and those who seek and speak truth should be taking every possible step to expose Trump for the con artist he really is.

Full article available BELOW THE FOLD.


  1. Trump's done his damage. Now we have Cruz, the real threat.


    1. Or maybe we don't! ROTFLMAO!


    2. The National Enquirer. A tabloid rag. Every once in awhile they get something right. I'm fine wating this one out to see if there is any credibility at all in the story.

      Who knows, might be a Drumpf orchestrated attack. Wouldn't put it past the POS.

    3. If it takes down Cruz, then I applaud Trump if he did it. Cruz is far more dangerous to our republic than Trump could ever be.


    4. Applauding a fabrication, regardless of the outcome, makes those who do so no better than the one fabricating the lie.

      Sorry Jersey, I have principles and cannot agree with you on this.

    5. Lawyer for the DC madam wants to release client list. He says there is info there that the voters need to know. Don't forget the Enquirer was right about John Edwards. Cruz is likely a cheater and maybe on that list, I think.

      D.C. Madam's Attorney Says Call Log Bombshell Could Upend 2016 Race.

  2. Each day brings a few more nails in the Trump coffin. What his followers do not understand is that the party has no desire to 100% implode, so they will dispatch with the Donald at the convention.

    Movement is already underway to move his delegates, legal under party rules, to other candidates.

    And as it becomes apparent that he will not get more than about 30% of the women's vote, a Trump nomination will kill down ticket candidates.

    Either way, with or without Trump, the GOP is in a world of hurt.

    "Speaker Ryan, Speaker Ryan... can you help us?" will soon be the clarion call of the GOP, but it won't matter. The Trumpistas hate him too!

    They've created a mess, now they cam wallow in it. Sadly...

  3. Very astute observations Dave. You are correct, the GOP/TeaPublicans have brought this mess down upon themselves. Unfortunately having done so they effectively put the proverbial gun to their own collective head. It remains to be seen whether or not the shot when fired will be fatal.

  4. RN... if you take a look at the NY Times interview with Trump, it is stunning to see his lack of understanding at all about foreign policy.

    I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say I think a great majority of people supporting him think Pres Obama has been a beginner in the Oval Office. So if that's true, I wonder why they are considering putting someone else with even less understanding of foreign policy experience.

    It is incredible how blinded people can be by their anger...

  5. My theory Dave is that the issue of lack of experience in not at all important if the candidates views basically mimic your own.

    Since the TeaPublicans, extreme conservatives, neo cons, and Evangelicals are primarily driven by uncertainly, anger, fear, and a feeling they are losing their country, they are ripe for a demagogue like Drumpf who promises to alleviate all their insecurities and fears.

    Blinded by anger, fear, or uncertainty is certainly no path the Making America Great Again. But those who are duped will never recognize he danger they are toying with.

  6. Didn't I submit a comment in response to this one? I was sure I did. Maybe RN didn't like my impugning Ted Cruz re fidelity to his wife.

  7. Has credible evidence been found Cruz has engaged in such activities Dervish? If so please provide a link to the credible evidence.

    In my never humble opinion the National Esquire is credible a source in and of itself.


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