Friday, March 11, 2016

A Most Unbelievable Endorsement...

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Ben Carson, the reserved and quite voice for civility and inclusiveness, has endorsed the man for president that most would think his polar opposite, Donald J. Trump. It is difficult to grasp why Dr. Carson would endorse Trump, a man who spreads xenophobia and who has a extreme nationalistic agenda. A plausible argument can be made that Trump may be a white supremacist, given his response when questioned abut the David Duke endorsement and his initial unwillingness to disavow Duke and the KKK. Duke was a prior Grand Wizard of the KKK.

Quin Hillyer at National Review had this to say on the Carson endorsement.

Dr. Ben Carson has just made a hypocrite of himself and done great damage to the country by endorsing the moral monster, Donald Trump.

Carson has spent an entire campaign pleading for honor and decency and decorum, only to endorse a man who is the crassest, most vulgar, most deceitful person in the race — a man who has repeatedly attacked in the most vicious ways, and lied about, every other candidate in the race. Trump is a man who has repeatedly incited violence at his rallies, saying that protesters should be punched out and carried away on a stretcher, and promising to pay the legal bills of those who throw the punches.

And now, Trump is flat-out lying in denying the well-documented, audio-taped roughing up of a (female) reporter by Trump’s wannabe thug of a campaign manager.

Carson has talked about the need for a president to understand poverty, yet has endorsed a multi-million-dollar inheritor who has spent his entire career leaving others impoverished by walking out on his debts, but refusing to pay full bills, and by trying to use to power of the state to seize their land.

Worse, Carson is endorsing a man who has mocked his religion and who quite literally likened him to a child molester. In doing so, Dr. Carson has disgraced himself.

We wholeheartedly agree.

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  1. Or maybe Trump is none of those things (other than being a nationalist) that he is portrayed as being...

  2. By his own words and actions one must believe he is.

  3. I hope Trump does serious damage to the conservative movement in America today.


  4. Trump brags of his deal making: what's in it for Carson and Christie?

  5. You are entitled to your opinion Jersey. Intelligent folks recognize the need for an opposition party to the progressives.

    Sadly you apparently do not. Tell me if I am incorrect and how so. Thanks

  6. I'm sure Trump, in the unfortunate event he is elected, will throw the two of them a bone or two BB Idaho.

  7. Jersey: I hope Trump does serious damage to the conservative movement in America today.

    Me too. There should be consequences for the way they've been operating. Democratic Conservatives and Moderates can "oppose" the Progressives.

  8. Surgeon General and Attorney General at least has some logic to them. I'm not sure Trump uses logic all that much though Dave.

  9. I get your drifts. There is no disagreement on my part with the belief the TeaPublicans and the neo cons of the GOP are forces of extreme negativity and detriment to our nation.

    What we need is a strong effective opposition party with core beliefs that encompass sound et reasonable conservative fiscal policy cmbined wth a libertarian view on trade and civil liberties.

    A subject for a different day perhaps.


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