Thursday, March 31, 2016

A Downward Path For The Drumpf...

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Update news on Mr. Drumpf, non of it good for him or the GOP. Given he has no consistent or credible plan or agenda, other than to build a big beautiful wall on the southern border, sending 11 million illegal aliens back to their country of origin, keeping Muslims out of the country, starting trade wars with current trading partners, and "Making America Great Again" (without any real specifics as to what that means), the Drumpf is giving America what rational folks always knew. A boatload of bulls*it.

Donald Trump has collapsed in general election polls

Donald Trump's 3 positions on abortion in 3 hours

GOP launches contested convention website

Donald Trump: Sure, I Might Use Nuclear Weapons In Europe. Hell, I Might Use Them In Chicago, Too.

Watching a once respected and effective party implode is really a sad sight. But given the trajectory of its obstructionist and often irrational activities it is not at all surprising Drumpf was the ultimate outcome. And now? The party is kicking itself in the arse for its shortsightedness.


Is it just me or is there a pattern emerging with Drumpf employees? Leaders set the example. Never forget that.

An executive who helps run Donald Trump’s hotel chain was arrested for attacking a young mother outside his ritzy downtown Brooklyn condo.

Nathan Crisp was charged with misdemeanor assault for repeatedly slamming a 27-year-old mother of two against the sidewalk during a clash outside his doorman building on Gold St. on Easter Sunday.

Victim Sheneik McCallum claims she pulled over outside the Avalon Fort Greene condo tower to make sure one of her infants was secured into a baby seat when Crisp yelled at her to get off private property.

After the two continued to quarrel, Crisp, 34, allegedly blocked the young mom’s car with his own vehicle and attacked her, according to community advocate Tony Herbert. He threw her to the ground twice, according to cops.

Crisp was taken into custody shortly after the attack and given a desk appearance ticket, according to police. He is due to answer the misdemeanor charges in court on May 2.

McCallum suffered bruises to her head and foot but was not hospitalized, cops said.

Trump Hotels executive Nathan Crisp busted for Easter beatdown on mother of two


  1. Now watch the far right bloggers who support Drumpfkopf say that the Liberals and Libertarians destroyed Trump's campaign (they said the same thing about Palin after people realized what an empty-headed fraud she is). I knew that Trump would sink his candidacy eventually. How many times can a candidate act like a buffoon before people start to notice he's nothing more than a very rich clown?

  2. Cruz is the "ultimate outcome" and he's far, far, far worse than Trump.


  3. How many times can a candidate act like a buffoon before people start to notice he's nothing more than a very rich clown?

    I think it depends on just how PO'd and Drumpfified one lets themselves become.

    For the hardcore anti everything that doesn't fit their own selfish interests crew, like those who hangout at extreme rightwing weblogs, it is likely they will never see him for what he truly is.

  4. Jersey, first discredit the current Head Clown and when he falls start on the replacement Head Clown. Drumpf is the current Head Clown

    Neither of these Clowns are stupid. However you're right, both are dangerous and by virtue of greater intellect Cruz really is the most dangerous should he assume a position of power.

    1. I don't want any Republican in the White House right now. It would generate a nexus of GOP power that could seriously damage the nation. As trump isn't really a Republican, I would rather see him in the White House than any other GOP candidate. I find him the least abhorrent of all of them. Trump simply says what Republicans only confer.


  5. Sure, but some of these people who were "attacked" or "assaulted" are liars. One example of a liar would be Michelle Fields. She SAYS Corey Lewandowski grabbed her arm, bruising it. But "the video clearly shows that she wasn't" grabbed (according to one Trump defender)... although Lewandowski was charged and arrested for misdemeanor battery by the Jupiter FL police.

    Anyway, try to tell people like those who post over on Lisa's blog that Trump is on a "downward path". They're convinced that what Ann Coulter says about Trump (that he's the only Republican who can win the upcoming election) is the absolute truth. And that Trump will definitely be our next potus.

  6. Pardon my absinthe. This entire spectacle has been so disturbing and painful to watch, I've been in hiding for the past few months.

  7. Dervish, if I die tomorrow does that mean I'm voting for Drumpf?

    1. Also, as for the links you provided. All I shall say is the particular individual responsible for the linked weblog vehemently disagrees with everything you believe in. He also fell off the cliff awhile back. But his good bud skackelford thinks he is very bright.

    2. Everyone knows that dead people vote Democrat (Dick Armey: "I'm tired of people being Republican all their lives and then changing parties when they die").

    3. Speaking for myself I changed parties 9-10 years ago. Changed the party of non affiliated. Voting party makes one a collectivist rather than an individualist.

    4. Government is a collectivist endeavor. Those voting "individualist" are saying others (those with money) should decide for them. My opinion is that individualist voters stand with the plutocrats.

    5. Dervish, I will NOT belabor this point with you. I will respond this one time.

      1) I am an individual.
      2) I take in information and opinions from many sources.
      3) I then analyze both using my individual brain and though process
      4) I then make an individual decision when I go into the voting both using my individual brain.

      If I were a representative I would continue to think independently using my individual brain to try and accomplish what my constituents ask of and expected me to accomplish while representing them.

      You think your way using your individual brain and I'll think my way using mine. Not Yours

      Have a marvelous weekend..

  8. Yes (O)CT(O)PUS, I fully understand your sentiments. However, I recently decided to have fun with it. See, you simply cannot find any better comedy entertainment than the reality King Drumpf has been providing.

    Also, watching a once viable and principled party implode is an interesting study in the absurd.

    It is only going to get better. Or, much worse depending on ones outlook. Besides, we are powerless really to change events as the head of steam driving the national circus is unstoppable.


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