Monday, March 7, 2016

A Bit of Humor...



  1. Sorry, but I don't find those URLs humorous. What would a funny URL look like? I'm not sure. I think it would need to include words, however. As opposed to just a string of characters.

  2. You did click on the string of character, right Dervish? I was in a huge hurry having to run for an appointment. But I shall now take time to post the actual videos just for you. :)

    1. You did click on the string of character, right Dervish?

      No. You implied the URLs themselves were humorous. Nowhere in your post does it say I need to click anything for the humor.

  3. I found the "PG7mAA" section of one of the urls to be hilarious, myself.

    Gold, Jerry. Gold!


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