Wednesday, March 2, 2016

10 Reasons (and more) Not To Vote For Donald Trump (Drumph)...

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A big hat tip to David Ott and PJTV for pointing out ten reasons not to vote for Donald Trump. Needless to say we here at Rational Nation USA are in complete agreement. Of course there are the other things highlighted on our previous post that give more reasons why buyers should be very aware when considering Donald Drumpf.

We should mention that PJTV is a conservative and Libertarian site.


  1. Conservatives need to be careful when going after Trump, lest they only make him more appealing to some.


  2. Yeah, more appealing to those conservatives who already have their heads buried where the sun don't shine.

    Who cares? Not I that's for sure.

  3. I noticed in the debate tonight that Rubio and Cruz went after Trump on some of his baggage. But this was baggage anyone could have googled a year ago. Why now? Because they never expected to be this far along with him. The things they were hitting him on were all things the GOP actually stands for. They had to be really careful and just hope Trump didn't hit them back, for the same reason. He didn't - because he knows the audience. Not the the heads-buried audience, but the GOP mainstream.

    Conservatives go after Trump for things a lot Americans actually like. These Americans are hoping he's a maverick progressive in the mold of TR. These are the people I was referencing.


  4. Wondering about their perception after last night's debate. I think I know.


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